Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her "husband" and best friend

Phương ThảoFeb 11, 2024 at 08:53

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After finishing the finale of Sister Beautiful as the Champion, Trang Fa broke down emotionally and sobbed in front of her best friend Thuy Anh. Notably, in the sea of people, "husband" Trang France came and comforted her, causing netizens to be confused.

At the end of the finale of Sister Beautiful Stepping on the Wave, Trang France officially became the Champion when she received the highest number of favorite votes on the application with 56,734 votes. In addition to being the leader of the debut group, Trang France also won 2 more sub-awards: "Almighty Beautiful Sister" and "Leader of the Year". It can be said that the winner with the most prizes in the program is none other than Trang France.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 1

Right on stage, the singer burst into happiness: "Trang is really happy with the journey that has passed. The biggest thing Trang received after the show was a change in her parents' mindset.

In 10 years of artistic activity, this is the first time Trang has received encouraging messages from her mother and father. In the family chat, the parents also sent the link and performance of Trang to send it to the aunt and uncle. That feeling I never had. That's what makes Trang so happy. The family's recognition is greater than the a.ward Page receives."

At the devastating result, Trang France burst into tears shortly after the show ended between the guests and the advisory board. Ye Linying's beautiful sister caught sight of her, and immediately held her hand to comfort and coax. The two beautiful sisters are also a close couple when they used to accompany each other through the super h.ot Sister Leaning Em Lift stage, or the special performance of Sister Iu Mark at the WeChoice Awards.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 2

In particular, thanks to cute and close interactions, the two are also actively "pushing the boat" by fans. Ye Linying was even called by another affectionate name, "Zhuang Fa's husband".

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 3

In the congratulatory arms of the audience also appeared an unexpected friend of the beautiful sister - actress Thuy Anh. Trang France and Thuy Anh became friends from the program "The Race of Enemies 2015". Over nearly 10 years, the friendship of the two girls has been admired by the public while still accompanying each other through all stages of their careers. Thuy Anh's appearance at the finale is also her support and belief for Trang France's journey.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 4

Many viewers were also surprised to see Thuy Anh coming to support Trang Fa because they initially thought that the actress came for Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. Indeed, quality friendships make the audience admire Trang Fa more.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 5

However, it is not too surprising that she is loved by many people. Because Trang Fa possesses an extremely lovely, gentle personality, always gentle even in the heat of the moment. Not only that, she is always serious about what she does, always trying to give her best even if she only has one day left to do her job.

Beautiful Sister Pedal Wind Turn Wave can be said to be a golden milestone in Trang France's music pursuit. Not only was she well received by the audience and her colleagues, but she also received her mother's compliments for the first time after years of trying to prove it.

"For the first time, I received a message from my mom complimenting me after the solo show. This touched me because in 10 years of making art, my parents have never complimented a single item of mine.", Trang France emotionally shared.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 6

For Trang Fa, such a compliment seemed to take off a burden that had been silently on her shoulders for the past 10 years. It's time for her to live the life she always wanted, which is to live with music, to be wholehearted, to be immersed in that world without any restrictions or barriers.

Trang France sobbed after the victory, being cuddled by her husband and best friend - Photo 7

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