MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam

Hoàng PhúcMar 02, 2023 at 07:20

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The Miss Universe Vietnam side has released a press release with the content that they want the old owner to cooperate in sending Thao Nhi Le to attend Miss Universe. If the opponent does not accept, MUVN will organize the selection of a new representative to take the international exam.

After losing the copyright to nominate the representative of Vietnam to attend Miss Universe, beauty fans are worried about Thao Nhi Le's foreign ticket because changing owners often change representatives. Especially when recently, the Miss Universe side also demanded to take away the ownership of UniMedia's Miss Universe Vietnam contest, which made the public more interested.

To answer these two problems, Miss Universe Vietnam has just released a press release with the content of precious harmony. What everyone is very excited about is that the new owner has asked for the old owner's cooperation to bring Thao Nhi Le to Miss Universe 2023.

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 1

Excerpt from the content: "Dear Hoan Vu Saigon Joint Stock Company (Unicorp) and Universe Media Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Unimedia). First of all, we would like to send our respectful greetings. while continuing the journey of the contest in Vietnam, and at the same time respect and admire your company's efforts to build the contest's brand in the past time.

We are writing this letter to propose cooperation with your company, in bringing runner-up Le Thao Nhi of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 to represent Vietnam in the 72nd Miss Universe contest in El Salvador. by the end of 2023".

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 2

The new owner highly appreciates the potential of Thao Nhi Le and hopes she will make a big deal in the new season. A g.irl with a beautiful title and very good English communication with a very clear inspirational message: "For us, Le Thao Nhi has proven her confidence, intelligence, and spread to the community with my passion during the process of practicing and participating in the activities of the Miss Universe Vietnam contest in 2022".

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 3

Although the new owner has opened the door, whether UniMedia will take its "pet chicken" to the exam or not is an important issue. Because, Thao Nhi Le is still signing a management contract with UniMedia: "We would like to have a meeting and conversation with your company to discuss cooperation opportunities, such as providing financial support. activities, promotion and sponsorship of these activities.

We hope that the issue of the name Miss Universe Vietnam between your company and the Miss Universe organization will be negotiated for good results. We will not use this name (Miss Universe Vietnam) from March 4 and will comply with the final decision. At this time, we hope that the two sides will work together for the meaning and purpose of the contest, towards Vietnamese beauty as well as fans, and ignore different points of view."

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 4

So whether Thao Nhi Le can go abroad at this time depends on UniMedia's nod and they must have an answer for Miss Universe Vietnam before March 13. After this date, if we do not receive a response, "we will organize a selection of Vietnamese representatives at the Miss Universe 2023 contest".

It is not clear what the outcome of the negotiations will be, but fans have a backup plan for this position. Specifically, in the beauty fan groups, some viewers gave a list of beauties capable of representing Vietnam in Miss Universe 2023. Topping the list was Ky Duyen, followed by Luong Thuy Linh.

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 5

Crowned as Miss World Vietnam 2019 and made a mark with the Top 12 Miss World achievement, Luong Thuy Linh quickly "entered" the queens who were loved by fans thanks to her intellectual but extremely modern beauty.

Recently, the queen was also honored to represent Vietnam at an event organized by UNICEF East Asia & Pacific (United Nations Children's Fund for East Asia and the Pacific) in Thailand. Here, she meets and exchanges with other inspirational figures from Southeast Asian countries.

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 6

Meanwhile, Ky Duyen - Miss Vietnam 2016 is widely supported by the audience and predicts that Ky Duyen will bring a b.oom thanks to her appearance, increasingly changing charisma and fluent English skills. .

MUVN went to the water, offered to invite Thao Nhi Le to go abroad, Ky Duyen - Luong Thuy Linh was also nominated for the exam - Photo 7

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