Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight

MưaMay 17, 2023 at 12:49

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Although the Miss Grand International 2022 beauty arena has been closed for a long time, but recently, a clip recording the moment Miss Isabella Menin was "left out" at the semi-final night suddenly appeared densely on the screens. social networking platform.

In the blink of an eye, the above topic suddenly became the focus of attention, attracting the special attention of many netizens.

Specifically in the clip, when the final contestants were taking pictures with President Nawat, netizens were extremely keen to detect the absence of Miss Isabella Menin. After a few minutes, the new Brazilian beauty gradually appeared in the corner outside the camera and quietly entered. Without asking to "wait" or cut in line, she subtly lowered her head to let the Miss Grand International beauties get the best picture.

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 1

As soon as the above clip was spread at a dizzying speed, under the comment section, many netizens let the blame express their displeasure, condemning the act of being "estranged" towards people. crowned at the top of the competition.

However, the majority of netizens also believe that due to being absorbed in taking pictures with fans, Miss Grand International 2022 was slow to be able to share the same frame with the beauties, completely opposite of the "revealed" opinion. edge" as people think. The proof is that when she realized that Isabella Menin was standing in the back, a beauty quickly gave up her seat and pulled her hand in. Next, they took a series of photos together when they had all the faces of Miss Grand's "harem".

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 2

Overcoming 67 contestants and becoming the new Miss Grand International, Isabella Menin left a strong impression in the hearts of fans. Possessing charming beauty, "terrible" height and remarkable academic achievements, Miss Hau is considered worthy to receive the noble crown.

Meanwhile, Miss Grand International 2023 will be held in Vietnam in October 2023. Five months before the official competition took place, Isabella Menin - Miss Grand International 2022 "teased" the colorful image of the host country.

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 3

Appearing in a series of impressive costumes, Isabella Menin attracted the attention of domestic and foreign beauty fans. It is known that after w.inning the title of Miss Grand International 2022, Isabella Menin won the Miss Grand Slam a.ward - The most beautiful Miss World 2022 voted by Globalbeauties website.

Besides the splendid outfits, Isabella Menin continues to wear a traditional Vietnamese ao dai with silk and brocade material with meticulous printed and embroidered details. Not only wearing ao dai with an emerald crown, Isabella had the opportunity to combine ao dai and conical hat with similar colors.

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 4

In the last time when she came to Vietnam, Miss Grand International had a few times to wear ao dai designs and she herself also expressed her love for the country's iconic costume, red flag with yellow star. Many Vietnamese fans agree that the Ao Dai partly enhances the gentleness and femininity of the reigning Miss Grand International. In the process of accompanying the upcoming contest, the audience looks forward to the opportunity to admire Western beauty in bold Vietnamese costumes.

Miss Grand International is held annually. This year, in addition to the traditional competitions, the organizers combined the culture of Vietnam in many forms, through costumes, sightseeing activities, experiences, stages and performances...

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 5

In another development, recently, on social networks suddenly posted a clip recording the image of Engfa Waraha acting poorly in front of a large number of Thai fans.

In the video, 5th runner-up Miss Grand Thailand 2022 - Charlotte Austin is interacting with the beauty's fans before she gets in the car to move to another place. Miss Engfa Waraha stood behind Charlotte and "flaunted" showing off her short shirt as well as l.ingerie and a bountiful bust.

This has made all the spotlight belong to the beautiful, the fans constantly booed because of excitement. Meanwhile, Charlotte Austin was bewildered, not understanding what was happening.

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 6

The fact that Engfa Waraha "breaks" her shirt to o.ff her chest seems inappropriate in public. Besides, this action also captured the attention of Charlotte fans. However, this video has been re-shared by Thai fans on forums with the purpose of "pushing the boat" for Engfa Waraha and 5th runner-up Miss Grand Thailand 2022.

This is not the first time that the former Miss Peace Thailand has made a provocative gesture in public. She received many criticisms for her excessive contact with her male co-star in 2022. Soon after, Engfa Waraha said that she just wanted to "burn" to her fullest on stage, and had finished her duties. a queen.

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 7

Mr.Nawat officially let Miss Grand International out, Engfa Waraha 'flaunts' to take the spotlight - Photo 8

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