Moka (ILLIT): "Japanese girl" with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group

Khánh HuyềnApr 18, 2024 at 10:08

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One of the two members with the most outstanding visuals, attracting a large number of fans in ILLIT is "Japanese girl" Moka. Just debuted, she has already made fans "smitten" with her sweet and lovely beauty.

Moka's real name is Sakai Moka, born in 2004, is a Japanese female idol currently working with HYBE's newly debuted g.irl group - ILLIT.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 1

She has been fascinated with Korean music and entertainment since she was a c.hild because her mother is a big fan of BIGBANG. Moka nurtured her dream of becoming an idol thanks to this motivation. Born in October 2004, Moka is the youngest member of the eldest sister group and one of two Japanese members of ILLIT.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 2

In 2020, HYBE's Moka label in Japan - Big Hit Japan. Moka is inclined towards dancing and pursues her ideal model, "all-rounder" Jennie (BLACKPINK). Introduced at RU Next, Moka attracted attention because of her outstanding visual, lovely and pure features, and reminiscent of "evil girl" The Glory Shin Ye Eun. Moka earned the opportunity to make his ILLIT debut in 5th place overall.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 3

During Magnetic promotions, Moka was the most famous member with a series of viral fancams. She received a rain of compliments thanks to her good stage charisma, suitable for ILIT's concept. But, Moka also caused controversy because her live singing skills were not perfect.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 4

Moka's Magnetic Fancam is leading with nearly 450 thousand views after just 3 days, and currently the number is approaching 1 million after just 3 weeks. Vibe "Japanese girl" is like tearing up comics, her appearance is famous in the international fan community.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 5

Standing in front of 5 talented and beautiful girls, people had a headache choosing ILLIT's most representative visual. Many fans predict that the duo Moka and Wonhee will be pushed hard because they are so compatible with the HYBE concept that is guiding ILLIT.

On March 25, HYBE officially introduced the third g.irl group project selected and debuted by the group - ILLIT, managed by its subsidiary BELIFT LAB. ILLIT is a lineup of potential trainees coming out of the survival show RU Next, initially expected to debut with 6 members. However, Youngseo - the trainee with the most fans - withdrew at the last minute. The group "closed the book" with 5 very young girls, including Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 6

ILLIT debuted with the EP Super Real Me and the theme MV Magnetic . With characteristics of age, number of members and a fresh, lovely concept, ILLIT initially made people think of their seniors from the NewJeans group. From "5 girls like NewJeans", ILLIT has become a phenomenal rookie with the song Magnetic taking the music industry by storm.

The group name ILLIT comes from the phrase "I Will Be It", which represents a self-determined and ambitious attitude to express a unique identity. HYBE's new g.irl group quickly broke many record achievements, creating promising milestones and making people curious about the five young, beautiful, and energetic pieces.

Along with Moka, Iroha, born in 2008, is also one of two Japanese members of ILLIT. Iroha has been exposed to music and dancing since she was 3 years old. Iroha's dancing skills are always at the top throughout RU Next.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 7

At the same time, the two Japanese members Moka and Iroha are also the two idols who are criticized the worst for their live performances in the group. On community sites, ILLIT's encore became the topic of discussion among netizens after w.inning the trophy at The Show.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 8

With its "accelerated" musical achievements, ILLIT shows formidable performance even though it's only just starting out in activities. However, the group also faced many mixed opinions because their achievements were inversely proportional to their skills. With a solid launch pad from HYBE, good music, fresh visuals and stormy choreography, ILLIT seems to have everything to become famous. The group only has one flaw - their voice. This is the reason why "youngest girl" HYBE is "booed" every time she appears on a h.ot topic.

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 9

On April 16, according to Billboard's latest announcement, "Magnetic" - the title song of the debut mini album "Super Real Me" by Kpop g.irl group ILLIT - entered the Billboard H.ot 100 - the weekly chart for artists. Most popular song in America.

"Magnetic" debuted on the H.ot 100 at number 91. The group's management company, Belif Lab (part of the HYBE group), said: "ILLIT has become the first Kpop group to have their debut song enter the chart. Billboard H.ot 100 chart" and "set a record for being the fastest Kpop artist to reach the Billboard H.ot 100 after debut".

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 10

In addition, the song "Magnetic" is still reaping many outstanding achievements on international music charts. "Magnetic" ranked 3rd on the Apple Music chart, 11th on Spotify Global Top Songs (data dated April 14).

ILLIT broke Fifty Fifty's record to become the fastest Kpop artist to reach the UK's official Singles chart (equivalent to the US Billboard H.ot 100) in history, after 11 days of debut.

On Spotify - the world's largest music platform - ILLIT became the fastest Kpop group to reach 10 million monthly listeners in history: ILLIT took 20 days, NewJeans took 49 days, Fifty Fifty took 134 days to reach this milestone .

Moka (ILLIT): Japanese g.irl with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group - Photo 11

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