Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty "crushes" Mai Phuong

Thiên DiFeb 20, 2024 at 11:08

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Krystyna Pyszková - representative from the Czech Republic is one of the notable names at Miss World 2023. With her outstanding height and angelic beauty with blonde hair, she is predicted to be a strong candidate. for this year's crown.

Miss World 2023 is starting, the contestants have departed for India one by one to conquer the noble crown. Beauty fans are very excited about which g.irl will succeed Karolina Bielawska.

Among them, the representative from the Czech Republic - Krystyna Pyszková attracted attention with her outstanding figure. As soon as she set foot in India, the Czech Republic beauty immediately caught the eye of beauty experts. She is considered the god of war at Miss World 2023 because of her angelic beauty.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 1

Krystyna Pyszková was born in 1999 in the Czech Republic and graduated with a degree in Law from Karl University in Prague. She attracts people with her height of 1.81m and beautiful face with shiny blonde hair. The representative from the Czech Republic is not only a god of war for the European region but also for all continents in the world.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 2

Not only beautiful, this blonde angel is also highly appreciated for her educational path. She is currently studying for a master's degree in Business Administration at MCI Innsbruck, Austria. At home, Krystyna Pyszková is also a famous model who regularly appears at large and small events and fashion shows.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 3

Krystyna is one of 10 contestants in this year's contest with a large number of followers on social networks. This is also considered an advantage for Krystyna in developing community projects at Miss World 2023. One factor that is helping her shine at Miss World 2023 is the charity project. Currently, the beauty is the representative of the non-governmental organization Sonta Foundation, specializing in helping children around the world. Surely this will make the organizers touched by their noble gestures.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 4

Her elegant face and sunny smile remind the audience of the beauty of seniors such as Ivian Sarcos - Miss World 2011, Karolina Bielawska - Miss World 2021.

In 2021, the Czech sash s.trip reached the Top 13 finalists. This achievement was established by the beautiful Karolina Kopíncová. This is also a rare achievement of the Czech Republic at Miss World in many years.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 5

As for the Vietnamese representative, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong is present in India and ready for the journey to conquer the Miss World 2023 crown - Miss World 2023. The g.irl born in 1999 is receiving enthusiastic support. of beauty fans from home.

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, 1.7 m tall, measurements 82-63-92 cm. In addition to her beauty, Mai Phuong is highly appreciated for her educational background, with an IELTS score of 8.0. Many fans expect Mai Phuong to go deep in the competition. She had two years to prepare for the competition, including learning the catwalk, critical thinking, and preparing costumes. At the end of 2023, Mai Phuong announced that she would dance to the music "See Tinh" (Hoang Thuy Linh) for the Dance of the World competition, within the framework of the competition.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 6

According to the schedule, on February 20, the contestants attended the welcome party. On February 21, candidates entered the first official competition, which was to present a charity project. February 22 is the qualifying round of the Sports Beauty contest. February 23 is the Head to Head Challenge. In addition, there will be additional competitions such as Fashion Beauty on March 2 and Talent Beauty on March 3.

Miss World 2024 final takes place on March 9. The reigning Miss World 2021 is Polish beauty - Karolina Bielawska. She is the Miss World with the longest tenure in history, lasting more than 3 years.

Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty crushes Mai Phuong - Photo 7

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