Miss Universe 2015 "caused hatred" with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated

Minh NgọcFeb 15, 2024 at 16:47

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Pia Wurtzbach is one of the loudest queens for having a shocking crown presentation in 2015. After that, she continuously "caused hatred" with Vietnamese beauty fans when 2 times clashed with 2 beauty representatives of our country.

Pia Wurtzbach was born in 1989, she is the most influential beauty queen in the Philippines. Possessing an attractive hybrid beauty thanks to German-Filipino b.lood, an attractive b.ody with a height of 1.73m, this beauty soon participated in beauty contests in her homeland and became internationally famous when she won the Miss Universe 2015 crown. She made headlines when she spent a noisy coronation night because of the incident of handing over the wrong crown.

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 1

After her tenure as a beauty queen, Pia Wurtzbach promoted her activities in the entertainment industry as an MC, actress, model and business development. In an interview, Pia Wurtzbach said she worked twice as hard after finishing her Miss Universe tenure to maintain her charisma.

Despite her brilliance and beauty, this queen is still bitterly hated by Vietnamese beauty fans for inexcusable reasons. After many years, up to now, the noise and moves and statements of this beauty for these girls of Vietnam still make many viewers angry.

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 2

Specifically, it must be mentioned that there used to be noise between Pia and Minh Tu. In the first episode of Asia's Next Top Model 2017, the photo with the theme of Runaway Supermodel of Vietnamese representative Minh Tu received a lot of praise from the judges. But when it comes to evaluation and elimination, Mingxiu's total score is only 35, ranking 8th out of 14 of the episode.

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 3

Many netizens discovered that guest judge Pia Wurtzbach gave the Vietnamese representative an extremely low score, which was 4.5. Meanwhile, other judges gave Minh Tu a high score, at least 7.5. Because of this huge disparity, many people believe that Filipino Miss Universe deliberately "drowns" Vietnamese representatives.

The incident then caused much controversy. Mingxiu herself also had a post touching the Filipino beauty: "I don't know what she thinks to give me 4 and a half points. Below average grades are always a lot of constraints."

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 4

Vietnamese netizens also criticized Miss Universe 2015 on social media. Even Pia Wurtzbach had to speak out and not hate Mingxiu.

She said: "Stop criticizing. I love the girls equally. Tu has a lot of potential, but her performance in episode 1 left me a little disappointed. And that's my view as a judge. Please respect that.

I don't hate Tu. I don't hate Vietnam. I encourage girls to participate in competitions like this, to challenge themselves to do their best."

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 5

Not only Minh Tu, Khanh Van also had contact with Pia Wurtzbach. In 2020, when Khanh Van was announced directly into the top 21 thanks to the highest number of votes in Miss Universe history, Pia immediately said: "Does Vietnam have more beauty fans than the Philippines?"

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 6

Needless to say how angry Vietnamese audiences were with Miss Universe 2015. Overnight, Vietnamese audiences flooded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.... of the queen to criticize and throw stones to the ground. In the face of overwhelming outrage, the Filipino beauty had to correct: "For many years, I have been told (and I believe) that the Philippines has the most beauty fans in the world. But yesterday Vietnam received the highest number of votes in history. That means I was wrong. It surprised me, that's all. That's all I wanted to say about my post. I'm not sarcastic or doubtful of your vote. Hopefully this will unravel. Congratulations to Vietnam for having the highest number of votes in Miss Universe history."

Miss Universe 2015 caused hatred with Vietnamese fans, after many years of still being hated - Photo 7

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