Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa

Hoàng AnhOct 25, 2022 at 09:45

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So there are only a few hours left until the finale takes place. Accordingly, beauty fans are looking forward to the person who deserves to be chosen and become the owner of the highest position at MGI 2022. Besides, many interesting stories surround the international beauty contest but are still unknown. widely.

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 1

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa has an interpreter

Miss Engfa is known to be a strong fighter at this year's Miss Grand. Thai beauties possess beautiful beauty and a "top of the top" b.ody. However, she has limited English, just enough to communicate. Engfa himself once admitted that this is a weakness that he needs to overcome. Therefore, Engfa arranged for an interpreter to assist with the questions, providing the most complete exam possible.

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 2

As a famous singer in her hometown, Engfa has a strong fan base. Therefore, she has great media strength. Not only that, she scored points in her fresh beauty and confident performance style. Before the final, Engfa reached the top of many sub-rounds. Apart from the problem of English, every aspect of Engfa is able to enter the top 10 of the competition.

Many contestants with bright looks were out of the top 20

According to Mr. Nawat in an interview, the president of Miss Grand International said that there are many beauties who did not make the top 20. Netizens also said that this year's contestants appeared too many beauties to be unable to escape the high competition to win the ticket to the next round.

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 3

An international source said, during the rehearsal before G time, the Miss Grand BTC side called the hypothetical name of the Top 20 countries to be shortlisted. However, there is no Vietnamese representative in the naming list, making Thien An's fans extremely worried. Because in 2021, Miss Thuy Tien was named to the Top 5 hypothetical and that came true in the final night of Miss Grand International.

Many beauties have health problems

Perhaps many beauties find it difficult to adapt to the h.ot and humid climate of Indonesia plus a special diet that makes many people difficult to adapt.

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 4

Typically, the health status of South American beauties is currently unstable. She was seriously ill and Mr.Nawat allowed her to rest to regain her strength. But Miss South Africa refused because the "warrior spirit" was motivated by the rehearsal with representatives of other countries.

Not only beautiful people from South America, Thien An of Vietnam also faces declining health. Specifically, the beauty of Long An caused the public in her hometown to be "multiplied" with more insecurity when she posted a picture of having to eat porridge and drink a lot of medicine to revive her health: "Miss Grand semi-final Vietnam is also sick, now the semi-final of Miss Grand International is also sick. Hope to get well soon."

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 5

When participating in the Miss Grand International 2022 contest, the beauty lost 5kg because of public pressure and could not adapt to the food in your country. However, to encourage the spirit of the beauty born in 2000, many people joked that maybe this is a harbinger of the coronation of Thien An because the current situation is similar to the time when she won the crown. Wings of Beauty. "If Thien An was sick at Miss Grand Vietnam and then crowned, is it the same at Miss Grand International?", a fan commented.

However, luck does not always come twice, if the health of Miss Peace Vietnam is not stable, it is very difficult for the beauty born in 2000 to ignite her energy on stage and bring home the victory. for Vietnam.

Surprise finale

According to some information of beauty sites, Miss Grand's 10th anniversary will be more special than previous times. First, the opening dance performed by the contestants and the reigning Miss Thuy Tien will bring many interesting things that the audience did not expect.

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 6

The final night of Miss Grand International 2022 will take place on October 25, the successor will be handed the emerald green crown by Miss Thuy Tien with the mission to spread the message of peace, can Thien An follow in her footsteps? senior to set high achievements for Vietnam again?

Miss Grand International 2022 and secrets that have never been revealed: Shocked with Miss Thailand Engfa - Photo 7

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