Mina (TWICE): Kpop's "black swan" comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess

Vân AnhMay 18, 2024 at 17:36

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TWICE's famous female idol has always been known for her image as a "black swan" thanks to her elegant charisma, radiant aura, and even just breathing. When she first debuted, Mina's family background was revealed, surprising fans.

Mina Sharon Myoui, also known as Mina of the famous g.irl group TWICE, was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA before moving to Japan when she was very young.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 1

Since her debut, Mina has been considered an extremely prominent member of TWICE. The female idol is nicknamed "black swan" thanks to her elegant and gentle charisma like an aristocratic lady.

At the same time, Mina (TWICE) also brings her own highlights and charms when performing on stage. Mina is the second member of Twice with Japanese nationality and has the shortest training period among the 9 members.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 2

Even though she has a thin voice, she always has a special charm for listeners when performing on stage. In addition, Mina also has excellent ballet dancing ability thanks to 11 years of studying this subject.

Up to now, every time idols are mentioned, people often think of idols with beautiful appearances and excellent singing and dancing skills. However, the idol world also has "geniuses" with incredibly high IQs and admirable academic achievements, and Mina is also one of them.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 3

It's not surprising that Mina is considered by everyone to be the member with outstanding intelligence in TWICE, but she inherited all that "essence" from her parents. Recently, netizens discovered that Mina's father, Mr. Akira Myoui, is a Professor - Doctor - Specialist - Editor of a Medical Journal and Director of a research center in Osaka. Immediately after this information was posted, many people couldn't help but admire it.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 4

Specialist doctor - Dr. Akira Myoui graduated from Osaka Medical University in 1986 and completed his doctoral course in 1993. He is currently a clinical professor and also the director of the Medical Research Center. translational research (MTR) at the Department of Medical Innovation (DMI) of Osaka University Hospital.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 5

Both Mina's (TWICE) parents have many great achievements, it is not difficult to understand that she has a high intelligence index, behaves skillfully, is quiet on the outside but thinks sharp, and acts decisively. decisive and flexible response..

While fans are shocked by this new evidence, many people have always known that Mina is considered a princess in real life.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 6

In 2019, while working hard with TWICE, JYP suddenly announced that Mina would temporarily stop working because her mental illness was gradually becoming more serious.

"After checking with specialists, Mina was determined to have an anxiety disorder. The main symptom of this disease is constant worry, this condition occurs suddenly and is difficult to control." .

Based on this situation, Mina's participation in group activities will be based on discussion with herself and the members. Additionally, decisions about Mina's schedule must be evaluated completely objectively based on her health condition. We hope fans can understand the decisions that will be made in the near future.

We will make every effort to help Mina recover. I hope to receive support and attention from fans," JYP representative said.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 7

Mina's announcement to stop working due to anxiety disorder is also proof that the physical and mental health of all TWICE members is at an alarming level. It can be seen that TWICE has worked non-stop throughout their 5 years of debut. As a top g.irl group, every "move" can be scrutinized by netizens, from their talents to their personal lives. . Mina's absence for a long time is also something fans are worried about and the members could not hide their emotions when mentioning their fellow group members at the concert.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 8

But just a short time later, the female idol made fans extremely emotional when she made an effort to be present in the group's debut anniversary activities. Nearly a year later, she officially made a comeback and became more "transformed" in her style.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 9

Earlier this year, TWICE's global tour - Ready To Be stopped in Las Vegas, USA. Once again, "Japanese girl" Mina caused a stir on social networks with her bold solo stage. Mina's performance 7 Rings has been performed on many concert nights, but each stage brings its own spirit. In Las Vegas, Mina burned her heart out in a seductive pose, showing off her bare back. The choreography focuses on hip swinging, lying down, and crawling movements that s.how o.ff their slim legs, making fans restless.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 10

Breaking her innocent image when she first debuted, Mina is now h.ot and full of energy. With the advantage of a fat-free waist and deep back grooves, the twerk female idol enthusiastically shows off her s.exy b.ody movements, making fans unable to take their eyes off her. The video of Mina performing 7 Rings at Ready to Be Las Vegas is currently going viral on Twitter and receiving huge interactions. Everyone was excited by the bold side of the Japanese beauty.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 11

Mina's English singing ability also received many compliments. Mina's charismatic eyes, star charisma, and natural charisma captivate fans' hearts. Visual Mina is becoming more and more fragrant, more mature and more loving. People commented that there are few female idols who wear bold outfits and s.exy dance moves while still maintaining the opposite icy aura like Mina.

Mina (TWICE): Kpops black swan comes from a prestigious background like a real-life princess - Photo 12

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