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Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldn't have this

Nguyễn Kim07:08:58 13/05/2024
The passing of the b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat is not only attracting the attention of public opinion in China but also in Vietnam. Recently, a clip of Fat Cat filming the scene of his rented house has attracted special attention from netizens.

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The female MC sobbed on air because of Fat Cat, unable to stand, sobbing in grief

Trí Nhi09:07:54 12/05/2024
Revolving around the tragic incident of a 21-year-old man nicknamed Fat Cat who passed away because of his love for an older g.irl, Dam Truc. A female MC, while reporting the news on television, had to sob and couldn't stand because she was so emotional.

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Fat Cat's sister confirmed her younger brother's appearance, only publishing two pictures

Minh Ngọc20:24:10 11/05/2024
Many images believed to be Fat Cat's appearance in real life were distributed, but among them, only two were confirmed by his sister and made public to the public.

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Fat Cat: Poor guy was taken advantage of by his girlfriend, his biological mother considered it an ATM to withdraw m.oney

Thảo Mai16:34:57 11/05/2024
The more information they learn about Fat Cat, the more netizens feel sorry for him. Not only was he taken advantage of by his girlfriend and turned away, he also had to endure the coldness of his own mother.

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Fat Cat's sister reveals new details from the police, reassures fans, is it difficult for Dam Truc to escape?

Thanh Phúc10:18:41 11/05/2024
Amid the noise of the incident that shook China, a 21-year-old man nicknamed Fat Cat left forever because of his love for the g.irl Dam Truc. Recently, Fat Cat's sister shared the latest with the Chinese media, trying to appease public opinion.

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Hang Du Muc accused Fat Cat's mother of being c.ruel, only knowing how to ask her son for m.oney, worse than Dam Truc?

Hoàng Phúc06:53:42 11/05/2024
After exposing Dam Truc's pragmatism, Hang Du Muc continued to r.eveal the heartbreaking truth about Fat Cat's biological mother. The female tiktoker's sharing made people feel even more sorry for the situation of this Chinese guy.

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Touching message from a pregnant woman to Fat Cat, talking about reincarnation

Phúc Sen16:40:52 10/05/2024
Revolving around the story that is shaking the entire people of China, about a 21-year-old man with the nickname Fat Cat, who chose to leave forever because of incomplete love. Recently, people were even more excited when a pregnant woman sent a heart-wrenching message.

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Ye Broomless Impersonated After Statement About Fat Cat, Soanh Dao Breakup

Gia Nhi11:40:54 10/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Ye broomless has just made a post sharing herself in distress, when she has been impersonated recently, stigmatizing the image amid the noise of breaking up with Soanh and making a move about the Fat Cat story. Her image deteriorated because of false rumors.

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Dam Truc suspects there was at the scene the day Fat Cat died, the m.oney transfer caption is problematic

T.P09:10:24 10/05/2024
More latest information about the Fat Cat case is gone forever, netizens have recently updated more information from Chinese detectives, shedding light on a series of suspicions that Dam Truc was present at the bridge, where the Fat Cat died forever. The last transfer caption was scrutinized.

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Can the Fat Cat be faked, the tiktoker who swings to drop food into West Lake can be fined?

Hoàng Phúc07:15:07 10/05/2024
In recent days, people have been abuzz with the heartbreaking story of the Chinese b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat. On many social media platforms, quite a few Vietnamese netizens passed on the photo that is said to be the guy's face.

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Fat Cat turned the car, suddenly posted a forum asking netizens to let go of Dam Truc?

Hoàng Phúc16:07:16 09/05/2024
The sad love story of Fat Cat is still receiving a lot of attention from the community. Recently, on her weibo social media account, the b.oy's sister asked the online community to temporarily release Dam Truc.

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The flower shop of Fat Cat opened for Dam Truc's girlfriend was blocked by the police for investigation

Minh Ngọc15:44:18 09/05/2024
According to recent information from Chinese media, the police have sealed off the flower shop of Fat Cat's girlfriend as part of the investigation into the d.eath of the short-lived young man.

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Fat cats earn 2 billion / year and the flip side of rented game plowing in China

Minh Lợi13:50:19 09/05/2024
The case of a 21-year-old man named Fat Cat who died after being told goodbye by his girlfriend is gaining public attention and monitoring. Many young Vietnamese have learned their lessons.

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Is the Fat Cat talking about love ethics, referring to breaking up with Ye?

Pinky13:25:02 09/05/2024
Amid rumors of breaking up with his wife Ye, recently male TikToker Soanh has moved to speak out about the heartbreaking incident of the 21-year-old who died of love in China. Many people suspected that he was deliberately speaking morally, alluding to Ye.

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Dam Truc's father panicked and reported his daughter's situation, admitting his mistake to Fat Cat

Pinky10:34:19 09/05/2024
Dam Truc's biological father just shared with the Chinese media after the story of his daughter causing the b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat to pass away forever was spreading throughout the media in the country of billions of people. He panicked and reported the situation.

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MisThy was indignant at Dam Truc's actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat

Diệu Anh21:57:55 08/05/2024
Recently, MisThy reacted to Fat Cat on her YouTube channel, she expressed her feelings and outrage at Dam Truc's actions, causing the female streamer to cry tears because she loved Fat Cat.

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Fat Cat - an outstanding gamer, remembered by the players in a special way

Phi Đức17:28:49 08/05/2024
Only 21 years old, but Fat Cat has earned billions every year thanks to possessing high-class gaming techniques. Recently, the players of this game have paid tribute to the guy in a very special way.

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Hang Nomad presses his girlfriend Fat Cat, exposing Dam Truc's pragmatism?

Bảo Nam16:56:50 08/05/2024
Over the past few days, all over social media forums spread the love story of a young man named Fat Cat (SN 2003, Hunan, China) with his girlfriend 6 years older than him named Dam Chuc.

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Heather Shu has pity on the Fat Cat, Nam Em shares the same as the elder but is stoned

Keng16:16:21 08/05/2024
In recent days, the story of a 21-year-old Chinese b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat has shaken the online community. Many expressed their sorrow at the actions of the Fat Cat and also reminded each other to love wholeheartedly but not to be blind.

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The Fat Cat and McDonald's Vietnam affair: 1 runner who spoke "letap", was "corrected" by fans

Thanh Phúc14:31:43 08/05/2024
Regarding the case of a 21-year-old man in China nicknamed Fat Cat who died forever for love, McDonald's Vietnam was criticized for using dirty tricks to market. A famous runner in Vietnam entered, immediately corrected by netizens.

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University lecturer makes offensive comments about Fat Cat, sarcastically sympathizing with sympathy is "nerve-wracking"

Keng14:23:59 08/05/2024
In recent days, the incident of Fat Cat has caused a fever in the Chinese online community and also spread to Vietnam. Recently, 1 university lecturer had an offensive sharing about the above incident, causing everyone to be outraged.

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The famous handsome teacher on Douyin was mistaken for a Fat Cat gamer

Minh Ngọc11:26:03 08/05/2024
People passed on the image of what is believed to be the main character of the story that has been receiving attention recently, about the guy nicknamed Fat Cat. However, this is a picture of a famous teacher on Douyin, named Yang Fruit.

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Dam Truc - Fat Cat Girlfriend: Complicated personal life, beauty in real life is far from the photo

Đình Như10:28:15 08/05/2024
The love story of the b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat (Fat Cat) with a g.irl named Dam Truc is causing public opinion everywhere to talk excitedly. After his d.eath, the identity of his older girlfriend made people curious.

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Fat Cat lover clipped 'impacted' at hotel, holding face in pain, CUP clarified?

Pinky09:20:18 08/05/2024
The online community is extremely abuzz with the clip that is going viral, recording the scene of Fat Cat's lover Dam Truc, physically affected in the hotel, actually quickly checked by the people.

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