MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce

Mẫn NhiMay 17, 2024 at 10:39

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After officially divorcing her businessman husband, MC Mai Ngoc settled down with her single, free life. However, she also honestly shared that she wanted to be like everyone else, to have her own small family and be a mother.

After divorcing her husband after 17 years together, MC Mai Ngoc's life received a lot of public attention. Once sharing the motto " If you can't have what you love, I hope you love what you have ", the female MC is currently enjoying being single in the happiest way in her own apartment.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 1

On her personal page, Mai Ngoc regularly shares about exercising, pilates and playing golf to upgrade herself and improve her spiritual life. At home, she also actively connects with her family, creating a warm and "healing" space after stressful working hours. The moments of spending time with her grandmother, mother and sisters in the apartment she bought herself, having warm and happy dinners together, are always proudly shared by Mai Ngoc.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 2

Recently, in an interview on VTV Times, the female MC confided about her life, work and future wishes after the incident.

Mai Ngoc confided: "My job up to this point is fine for me. I want to be like everyone else: have a stable family, become a mother. It's time for me to have a peaceful life." and happy".

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 3

She also affirmed that her dreams, work and family are the things she cherishes most in life because those are the things that are always by her side. "After going through a certain event, I want to convey to all the women around me: Always remember what your dream and job are, never give up on it. If something unfortunate happens I still have a dream and a place to return to" - the female MC added.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 4

MC Mai Ngoc reveals notable opinions about women. She said she always aims for the image of an independent, proactive and confident woman. Since graduating from university and going to work and doing business, Mai Ngoc has always pursued this. Because she believes that if she likes a dress or a lipstick, buying it herself is a great thing.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 5

"It's okay for women to be gentle, it's okay to be bold, it's okay to be strong, as long as you can do what you like, without having to mold yourself into anyone else's image."

"People often think that women should be a little weak or should find a shoulder to lean on. That would be great, but in life, not everyone can lean on a shoulder. So First of all, be a support for yourself, a support for the people around you. Then everyone will meet someone who you don't need to rely on but can be your soulmate, someone to share and accompany" - Mai Ngoc opened her heart.

In addition, after leaving the marriage with businessman Hoai Nam, MC Mai Ngoc continuously updated daily photos with positive shares about life.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 6

"Who is always sad about the same old thing? Let's try our best, girls, whether they are U30, U40 or even U50, older in the world, but still always the little girls of their parents, of the loved ones around. And there will always be new opportunities for us tomorrow," Mai Ngoc shared.

Or she wrote: "Eat well every morning, always have fresh flowers in the room, sometimes buy yourself a gift. Life should be what you need, what you want, and what truly belongs to you. Those things aren't many, but they must be good."

It can be seen that MC Mai Ngoc calmly faces her personal life story. At the same time, she still actively works, plays sports, and focuses on business.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 7

On April 1, MC Mai Ngoc announced that she and businessman Hoai Nam broke up after 17 years together. The couple will officially go their separate ways from 2023.

According to Mai Ngoc, she and her husband ended gently because they had no common property, no children in common, and no ties whatsoever.

MC Mai Ngoc expressed her desire to get married and become a mother after divorce - Photo 8

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