What truth does Empress Dowager Cixi's secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts?

Hoa TuyếtApr 20, 2024 at 19:35

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One thing cannot be denied, even though Cixi passed away and the Qing Dynasty collapsed a long time ago, stories related to the queen mother and this dynasty always receive the attention of posterity.

Empress Dowager Cixi, also known as Western Empress Dowager, Empress Hieu Kham Hien (born in 1833 - died in 1908) came from Diep Hach Na Lap Thi in Manchuria Tuong Hoang Ky, a descendant of a hereditary mandarin family.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 1

In 1852, although Tu Hi was not yet an adult, because she was a descendant of Diep Hac Na La Thi, she was selected to enter the palace to become a young lady. After surpassing 60 girls participating in the competition for beautiful ladies, Diep Hac Na La Thi entered the final round of auditioning for concubines.

Next, she was appointed as a Noble Lady and was called Lan Quy Nhan. In the 4th year of Ham Phong (ie 1854), Lan Quy Nhan was promoted to the Qin rank, with the title Y. Cixi's fate was good, so in 1856, she gave birth to a brother A. Thanks to her beloved mother, Tu Hi was considered to have contributed to the country and society, thanks to which she was promoted to Y Phi.

One year later (1857), Concubine Y Na La Thi was again promoted to Noble Concubine (a position second only to the Queen). In the 11th year of Ham Phong (1861), Emperor Ham Phong died. His successor was Cixi's son, prince Tai Thuan, who was only 5 years old at this time.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 2

Because the New Emperor was still too young, before he passed away, Emperor Ham Phong left a will for eight great mandarins to be his son's assistants. At the same time, the emperor also bestowed upon Empress Dowager Tu An and Empress Dowager Cixi the Royal Seal of Merit.

However, Tu Hi was not like other women who settled down and sought to take power into her own hands. From then on, the Lao Buddha played the role of regent in the reigns of his two sons Emperor Tongzhi, Emperor Guangxu and his nephew Emperor Xuantong. She was considered the real power of the Qing court for 47 years, until her d.eath.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 3

According to Sohu website, during a renovation of the Imperial Palace, archaeologists accidentally found a mysterious secret letter from Empress Dowager Cixi. The surprising point is that this letter surprised them when they discovered the truth that the Elder Buddha always wanted to hide.

It turned out that the content of that secret letter was related to the case of the 8 great mandarins that Emperor Ham Phong had left behind requesting support for Tung Chih. The 8 great mandarins that the emperor relied on that year included: Prince Di Than Tai Vien, Prince Trinh Doan Hoa, Minister of the Household Minister Tuc Thuan, Ngach Father Canh Tho, Minister of Military Affairs Muc Am, and Minister of the Left Ta Thi Lang. Khuong Nguyen, Minister of Rites, Huu Thi Lang Do Han, Thai Servant Thieu Khanh, Tieu Huu Doanh. At that time, they were called the Eight Great Gods.

Stepping onto the political stage at the age of 26, the truth is that Cixi defeated all eight great ministers of Emperor Ham Phong to reach the pinnacle of power in the Qing Dynasty at that time.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 4

Empress Dowager Tu Hi believed that she and Empress Dowager Tu An were both women, and the emperor was still young, so if the eight great ministers were left in charge, he would inevitably be oppressed. Therefore, she suggested to the other Queen Mother that they should join together and seize power. With this, in the future both can participate in politics, rather than being oppressed by the faction of the Eight Great Gods.

At that time, indeed, those 8 ministers were allied with each other and had great power in the royal court. The relationship between the two Queen Mothers and the group of Tai Vien and Tuc Thuan worsened day by day.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 5

Old history records that in 1881, Empress Dowager Tu An suddenly passed away, many questions were raised saying that Tu Hi had a hand in this matter - anyway this is just speculation. Regardless of the detractors, she tried to unite with the ministers who were rejected by the eight ministers to find allies.

Among these people, Cung Than Vuong is the one with the greatest power. After that, Cixi borrowed their power to suppress, dismiss and execute eight high-ranking officials who were entrusted by King Ham Phong to support Emperor Dong Trinh.

The secret letter that Empress Dowager Cixi sent to these people unexpectedly accidentally revealed her cultural level. According to records in "Thanh Su Cao": "When she was sixteen years old, she had memorized the Five Classics, was good at Manchu, and had read all twenty-four books of history."

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 6

If these descriptions are true, then Empress Dowager Cixi must be a person with profound knowledge. However, in her secret letter, experts found 12 misspelled words among the 237 words she wrote.

In addition, they also found a copy of the Prajna Paramita Sutra copied by Empress Dowager Cixi. The Elder Buddha's writing is also quite sloppy and not at all polished.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 7

From these, archaeologists have concluded that Empress Dowager Cixi's cultural level was not really as talented as some history books praised. Most likely, because she wanted to hide this embarrassing truth, she ordered historians to describe herself that way.

In popular culture in mainland China, Empress Dowager Cixi, along with Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty and Empress Lu of the Han Dynasty, are considered the three women who held the highest power of the Chinese empire for a long time. considered by the people to be c.ruel and inhumane "post-dynasty traitors" to even their loved ones, causing the country's society to collapse.

What truth does Empress Dowager Cixis secret letter contain that startles archaeological experts? - Photo 8

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