Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngoc's group?

Hoa TuyếtApr 11, 2024 at 17:19

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Recently, runner-up Ngoc Hang attracted the attention of the beauty-loving community when she released the MV "Weak Heart". She is the first debut member of the g.irl group SLAYDIES under the Golden Lotus family.

Le Nguyen Ngoc Hang won the 2nd runner-up title of Miss Vietnam 2022 when she was only 19 years old. After that, she became the Vietnamese representative to participate in the "race" of Miss Intercontinental - Miss Intercontinental 2023 and won 2nd runner-up and the title of Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania 2023.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 1

Returning from the contest, the beauty born in 1999 attracted attention when she announced that she wanted to become a singer. Recently, she officially debuted to the audience with her debut MV titled "Weak Heart".

Sharing with Dan Viet, HERA Ngoc Hang said: "The content of the song "Weak Heart" was written based on a g.irl's narrative about her love. Because she was weak-hearted, she quickly fell in love with her current guy, but still lingering feelings for the previous person. The g.irl's struggles and conflicting thoughts are revealed through the lyrics of this song."

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 2

In response to the PV's question about love, the runner-up revealed that she had never experienced a love story like the g.irl in the MV. However, the beauty born in 2003 still succeeded in expressing the feelings of a g.irl going through a sad love story.

Referring to the process of making her first work, HERA Ngoc Hang said that the dance training process between her and co-star Gia Huy (Bop Nhat Dance Company) was quite compatible. The couple spent 3 sessions choreographing movements and practicing the choreography.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 3

"During practice sessions, Gia Huy and I work together well to create the most impressive and synchronized dance performances. We both want this combination to bring harmony in each movement to achieve freedom." naturally and express the entire story of the song in the most emotional way.

Previously, I also participated in dance and b.ody liberation classes. Therefore, in the choreography of the "Weak Heart" MV, I feel quite comfortable when I can control the movements smoothly," Ngoc Hang said.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 4

The Saigon beauty further revealed that she performed a "difficult" scene herself, standing on the piano and suddenly falling into the b.oy's arms with a decisive movement without the support of equipment. bodyguard or stuntman.

It is known that "Weak Heart" is a ballad composed by musician Hung Cacao with lyrics that bring a feeling of closeness, along with a poignant, deep melody. This is not only runner-up Ngoc Hang's debut product as a singer but also a special gift she gives to her fans, who have always followed her throughout her past journey.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 5

Immediately after its release, "Weak Heart" received many positive responses from the audience. Many people also praised Ngoc Hang's sweet voice in the MV:

"If you're heartbroken, listening to "Weak Heart" will make you cry, so consider this before listening to this song"; "Ngoc Hang's voice is better than I thought. Really quite surprised and congratulations to runner-up Ngoc Hang"; "Seeing Ngoc Hang diligently practice, now I hear her voice and know her efforts. Her voice is not inferior to anyone's. If she practices more, I boldly predict that she will go far"...

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 6

Previously, Golden Lotus announced that Ngoc Hang was the first member of the group SLAYDIES, stage name HERA, and held the role of group leader. The meaning behind this new name also makes many people wonder. According to the runner-up, the reason she chose this stage name is because:

"HERA is protection, strength is in the name. I want to be a g.irl who can protect, protect, and connect the rest of the group. In particular, HERA is also a g.irl. A strong g.irl, determined enough to make the right decisions for herself."

Whether she can make it big, defeating the group that debuted at the same time - LUNAS with the participation of Lan Ngoc, Trang Phap, Huyen B.aby, Diep Lam Anh and Khong Tu Quynh or not is still a mystery.

Runner-up Ngoc Hang released her debut MV, both visual and audio are good, dominating Lan Ngocs group? - Photo 7

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