Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love

Mẫn NhiFeb 16, 2024 at 11:13

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Runner-up Lona Kieu Loan bragged about receiving valentine's gifts, not only that, but also attached subtexts that are in a very happy relationship. Netizens are curious about the identity of the queen's other half, not forgetting to dig back the previous rumors.

On February 14, runner-up Lona Kieu Loan posted a new image on her personal page. The beauty born in 2000 holds a bouquet of "huge" roses on Valentine's Day. Along with that, runner-up Lona Kieu Loan happily thanked her boyfriend: "I became the happiest woman in the world because of you. Happy Valentine's Day."

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 1

In the photo, the beauty born in 2000 has a big smile full of happiness. However, Lona Qiao Wan has not yet made public the identity and appearance of her other half. The runner is quite private in romance.

In addition, people suddenly focused their attention on the scene behind the queen. Accordingly, Lona Kieu Loan owns a huge fortune of compliments, which is hung on a wall.

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 2

It is known that since sitting in school, Lona Kieu Loan has possessed great academic achievements, for many years bringing home the title of good student. In addition, the queen also won the provincial prize for encouraging talented students, the provincial English speech encouragement a.ward ...

Lona Kieu Loan won the title of 1st runner-up in Miss World Vietnam 2019. After nearly 4 years of w.inning the 1st runner-up position, the beauty revealed that she had cosmetic interventions on her eyes, chest and nose. The queen said that since receiving the a.ward, she has received many criticisms and criticisms that her beauty is not worthy of the runner-up position. Many of the audience's quotes make themselves self-deprecating, long-term stress.

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 3

In terms of romance, Lona Kieu has been rumored to be dating runner-up Rap Viet and cosmetic doctor Chiem Quoc Thai.

Specifically, some time after leaving King of Rap, netizens looked at many evidences that Qiao Wan and 24K Right dated. The rumor originated when Qiao Wan suddenly posted a story based on the heart of the very loving Right person with the status: "Watching the lover fly without wings." Worth mentioning, when Qiao Wan asked, "Your lips are red", the rapper replied: "It's my lipstick." The sweetness of the couple made the audience extremely excited and actively "brought the boat to dock".

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 4

However, not long after, the two had to correct their relationship in front of the media. When asked about dating rumors with Right, Qiao Wan denied it and said the two were just close brothers. Meanwhile, Right shared on a show: "We took care of each other like close colleagues but this sparked rumours that Lona and I were in love. At that time, rumors appeared that made me very embarrassed for fear of disturbing Lona. So far, this is the first time Right has been rumored to be in love with a female colleague.

Luckily, this didn't affect our lives too much, so we decided to ignore it. This also became a happy memory for both of us, even if we really love each other, it is even fun!"

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 5

Since the end of 2021, rumors have spread widely on social networks that 1 Vietnamese beauty is dating a famous doctor. Soon after, netizens immediately shouted the names of runner-up Qiao Wan and plastic surgeon Thieu Quoc Thai. This information immediately caught the attention and interest of fans.

The reason stemmed from Qiao Wan becoming an ambassador of the aesthetic hospital owned by Thieu Quoc Thai. The two posed for multiple sets of photos together, matching at private events.

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 6

Later, on her personal Instagram, the beauty of Quang Nam origin made a move to clarify her love affair with Dr. Chiem Quoc Thai. Specifically, in one story, the beauty shared an image of herself with the caption: "And I don't know." This action of Qiao Wan is said by netizens to be denying rumors of having feelings for Dr. Chiem Quoc Thai earlier.

Lona Kieu Loan openly has a boyfriend, netizens name 2 rumored love - Photo 7

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