When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded "crude" in Vietnamese, shocking him

Thiên DiMay 18, 2024 at 14:36

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Loi Con's journey in Vietnam is always followed by many audiences. Recently, the b.oy's conversation with his peers has attracted a lot of attention. Not only did he answer in a very cool way, but he also spoke very cool Vietnamese.

Recently, the news that a 5-year-old Angolan b.oy - Loi Con, was brought by Quang Linh to Vietnam for summer vacation has caused a stir in the online community. Being a character that netizens have been following since his days in Angola, that's why when he returned to Vietnam, every move of the kid was closely watched by netizens.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 1

Bombing from North to South, Loi Con had memorable experiences during this travel journey across Vietnam. Loi Con's journey is constantly updated by Vietnamese netizens, every move of the little b.oy is always scrutinized by netizens.

Recently, a short clip recording the conversation between Loi Con and his peers at the playground has attracted the attention of many netizens.

According to the clip, a student asked Loi Con in English: "You are from Angola, right?" (Are you from Angola?). Contrary to everyone's expectations, Loi Con answered in fluent Vietnamese with a confident expression, responding to his friend's question: "There is no Angola at all."

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 2

Loi Con's answer caused the playground, including the person who was asking, to be silent for a moment. Many people were surprised and couldn't help but laugh at the b.oy's "playfulness" and humor.

The short clip recording this moment was quickly shared on social networks and attracted tens of thousands of views, comments and shares. Many people expressed interest in Loi Con's "unique" answer. However, some opinions believe that Quang Linh should teach Loi Con how to speak more tactfully.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 3

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 4

It can be seen that Loi Con's trip to Vietnam is still going on, and his fans also hope that Loi Con will have more time here. Because many times before, when Loi Con was teased by Quang Linh and took him back to Angola, he immediately cried, looked sad, and did not want to return home. Some fans even joked that Loi Con in Vietnam is now too "dissolved" like an authentic Vietnamese c.hild.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 5

Previously, the trip departed from Hanoi, then went through other provinces such as Nghe An, Quang Binh, Hue, Da Nang, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho. The journey ends in Da Lat. During the ten-day journey across Vietnam, Loi Con had memorable experiences that he will probably never forget in his life.

On a recent livestream, Quang Linh also informed fans about his upcoming plans. Accordingly, when asked how long he will stay in Vietnam, Quang Linh said there is no fixed time yet, but it will be about 2 more months. The male YouTuber said that in the coming time, there will also be a number of volunteer projects carried out in Vietnam, and at the same time participating in some live sessions in collaboration with brands.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 6

Loi Con's real name is Mativado, he is only 5 years old. Before coming to Vietnam, the b.oy became a phenomenon on vlogger Pham Quang Linh's YouTube channel. The b.oy comes from a fairly poor family in Angola, living in a house made of mud and lacking roads.

More than 3 years ago, Loi Con's parents applied to work at Quang Linh's farm. Thanks to that, Loi Con received the attention and care of 9X Viet and many Vietnamese people on the farm. Quang Linh also adopted the b.oy and spent a lot of time accompanying Loi Con, taking care of his every meal, and buying many new clothes.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 7

The cuteness and adorableness of the African b.oy quickly became a "phenomenon" helping Quang Linh's videos attract more viewers. Thanks to contact with many Vietnamese people in Angola, Loi Con speaks Vietnamese very well. The b.oy knows many Vietnamese children's songs such as "The Little Stork", "The Little Elephant in Ban Don", "Grandma, Grandma"... Thanks to that, Loi Con's life also prospered. The b.oy followed his adoptive father Quang Linh to discover new things.

When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded crude in Vietnamese, shocking him - Photo 8

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