Cam Ly joined Loi Con's fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited

Quỳnh QuỳnhMay 17, 2024 at 07:12

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Recently, when Loi Con arrived in Vietnam with the Quang Linh Vlogs team, he quickly attracted the attention of many people. Those who love the b.oy have continuously followed his journey to Vietnam.

Loi Con's attraction during this return to Vietnam is something that cannot be denied. Recently, netizens discovered that singer Cam Ly is also very interested in this b.oy Loi Con. Specifically, during a livestream sales session of Loi Con and members of the Quang Linh Vlog team, Cam Ly left a comment under the clip.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 1

Cam Ly's actions made people extremely excited. Opinions say that Cam Ly cannot resist Loi Con's humor and cuteness. Many fans also hope that there will be a chance for Cam Ly and Loi Con to meet each other because the "fourth sister" is someone who loves children very much.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 2

It can be seen that, appearing in many videos of Quang Linh Vlogs, Loi Con - an Angolan b.oy has emerged as a phenomenon. Loi Con's real name is Mativado, he is 5 years old this year. Born into a difficult family in Angola, Loi Con was raised and cared for by Quang Linh like an adopted c.hild. The b.oy's life also turned a new page from there.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 3

During this return to Vietnam with Quang Linh Vlogs, the b.oy was welcomed as a "child star" by hundreds of fans at Noi Bai airport. During the journey to explore the S-shaped s.trip of land, wherever Loi Con went, people surrounded him to ask questions and take pictures. All of the b.oy's expressions and sayings went viral on social networks.

After a few days in Hanoi, Quang Linh Vlogs went to Nghe An to visit his family and Uncle Ho's hometown in Lang Sen, Nam Dan, Nghe An. After that, Loi Con continued to go to Quang Binh, Hue, Da Nang... The most notable thing was the reunion with Miss Thuy Tien in Ho Chi Minh City, when Loi Con was recognized by Thuy Tien for many days in a row. take you to travel around every corner of Saigon.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 4

After that, the African team went to Can Tho and visited the durian garden. The whole group was quite surprised when they first saw big and small durian fruits falling all over the tree. The tour guide reminded everyone to be careful to avoid walking under the trees to avoid being hit by falling fruit.

Also at the garden, the group directly enjoyed ripe durian. Loi Con seemed curious. The b.oy put his nose to smell the "smelly" fruit, then grimaced and shook his head: "It smells so bad."

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 5

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 6

But when he cut open an otter to try it, his face immediately changed 180 degrees. Loi Con enjoyed the delicious piece of golden durian and continuously complimented "it's delicious" and "so fragrant". The b.oy's excited eyes were glued to the melancholy fruit, waiting for the boys to distribute the next segment.

After eating two large pieces of durian, Loi Con still showed his hunger. The b.oy's uncomfortable expression made Quang Linh laugh, reminding Loi to wait a little longer, then go out to the garden to eat again. Meanwhile, Loi Con's biological father is quite cautious about the taste of this fruit.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 7

Also on the trip to the West, the African team also experienced wearing Ba Ba clothes and visited Cai Rang floating market, enjoying fried giant fish, grilled field mice, fish sauce hotpot...

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 8

After leaving the Southwest region, the 5-year-old b.oy continued to land in the Central Highlands, appearing in the dreamy city of Da Lat. The appearance of Loi Con in Da Lat not only made the people here excited, but even netizens were extremely interested, constantly updating the b.oy's images on social networks. Experiencing the cultures of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, Loi Con was immersed in the impressive traditional melodies and culture of our country. These are also rare experiences that are not easy to have.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 9

Currently, Quang Linh Vlogs and Loi Con will still go to many places in Vietnam, the team's "every move" will be followed by netizens everywhere.

Cam Ly joined Loi Cons fan club and was caught commenting, making people excited - Photo 10

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