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Lisa happily cheered on her best friend and interacted with Stray Kids, making fans excited

Phương Thảo13:23:24 27/01/2024
Recently, at a concert in France, Lisa and Stray Kids were two representatives from Korea performing with many famous European and American artists. The interaction between the Stray Kids member and the youngest sister, BLACKPINK, made many fans excited.

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YG "turned around" to treat Lisa well, who especially revealed BLACKPINK's plans

Snow07:35:58 25/01/2024
Soon, Lisa will have her first solo show since not renewing her personal contract with YG Entertainment. Surprisingly, even though she left, the female idol still received support from her old company.

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Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever

Phương Thảo14:15:14 10/01/2024
Lisa (BLACKPINK) returned to Korea after a long business trip abroad. During her time in France, many times she accidentally revealed dating hints with her rumored boyfriend, even making people think that a wedding was about to take place.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YG's "estrangement"

Kim Lâm07:30:26 29/09/2023
Recently, Lisa (BLACKPINK) continued to make the worldwide fan community proud when she continued to set a new Guinness World Record. This is the 8th time the beauty of the Golden Temple has achieved this achievement, proving her class that is difficult for anyone to surpass.

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Lisa was invited to perform in an "adult" pub in Paris, putting her name on par with an international superstar

An Nhi11:33:41 07/09/2023
This is the iconic pub of Paris, where the world's top stars like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera have just been invited to perform. Accordingly, Lisa became the first K-pop idol to have this honor that made her fans proud.

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BlackPink disbanded, Lisa will be in 'danger' for these reasons

Nắng12:11:04 23/06/2022
The issue of BlackPink group disbanding is causing a stir in public opinion, this topic is currently hotly discussed on the Instiz forum. Originating from the article titled: "The album released this year may be the last product of BlackPink", the public expressed their...

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