Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YG's "estrangement"

Kim LâmSep 29, 2023 at 07:30

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Recently, Lisa (BLACKPINK) continued to make the worldwide fan community proud when she continued to set a new Guinness World Record. This is the 8th time the "beauty of the Golden Temple" has achieved this achievement, proving her class that is difficult for anyone to surpass.

According to Guinness, "Money" brought Lisa the title of the first K-pop song by a solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. Worth mentioning, "Money" is only a B-side song in Lisa's first solo album but it is loved by audiences around the world, even more well received than the title song "Lalisa". This song only took 2 years since its release in September 2021 to reach the milestone of 1 billion streams. The song's single also entered the Billboard H.ot 100 chart at number 90.

With this achievement, Lisa raised the total number of Guinness world records she achieved to 8. Previously, Lisa was recognized with 7 records, including 6 records related to music and 1 record. of the highest number of followers on a social media account.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 1

8 Guinness World Records of Lisa (Blackpink):

- "First Kpop solo song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify" (for "Money").

- "Fastest female Kpop solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify".

- "The first album by a Kpop Solo Artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify" (album "LALISA").

- "Most viewed MV on YouTube by a solo artist in 24 hours" (MV "LALISA").

- "Most viewed MV on YouTube in 24 hours by a Kpop solo artist" (MV "LALISA").

- "First Kpop solo winner at the MTV Video Music Awards" (Best Kpop a.ward).

- "First Kpop solo winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards" (Best Kpop a.ward).

- "Kpop artist with the most followers on Instagram".

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 2

Earlier this year, the "Lalisa" rapper became the first solo Kpop winner at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. She also became the first solo Kpop winner at the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards, after being nominated twice in this category with Blackpink.

Lisa's third record in 2023 came from social media followers, as she had the most followers for a K-pop artist on Instagram, with nearly 98 million fans are eagerly waiting for female artists' updates on this platform every day. Along with Blackpink, Lisa also holds the world record for being the group with the most subscribers on YouTube and the g.irl group with the most streams on Spotify.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 3

Lisa is currently the second "hottest" member of BLACKPINK. With skillful rapping and dancing skills, the female idol has a large fan base in her home country of Thailand as well as Southeast Asia.

In addition to her music career, the female idol is also known as a model and the representative face of many major fashion brands. In 2021, Lisa was included in the list of the 20 most famous Korean singers abroad by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, along with top Korean artists such as G-Dragon, IU and PSY.

At the present time, Lisa is the center of attention when there are rumors that she will not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. According to StarNews, Lisa refused two contract offers from YG. The scale of the proposed contract is extremely large, up to 50 billion Won (about 914 billion VND).

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 4

Besides, the source also said that Lisa has received dozens of invitations to perform from many foreign companies, including Thailand. And of course, these offers also come with huge remunerations to match Lisa's reputation.

Up to now, the contract extension between BLACKPINK and YG has not been completed. However, schedules that have not been completed before the end of the contract are still considered valid and BLACKPINK must still carry them out.

Previously, the news that YG abandoned Lisa and did not send a bodyguard to accompany the singer to France made fans extremely disappointed. Many viewers also questioned that the youngest member of BLACKPINK did not re-sign with YG, so they were treated unfairly by the Kpop giant.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 5

Recently, Lisa is a rare member of BLACKPINK with a brilliant career in the Western market. Many speculate that Lisa does not want to renew her contract with YG because she wants to join foreign entertainment companies to develop more on a global scale.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) sets the 8th Guinness World Record, her future is bright despite YGs estrangement - Photo 6

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