Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her

An NhiJan 30, 2024 at 10:51

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) after ending her personal contract with YG, is actively working in France as she continuously attends large-scale events. However, in China, Lisa is still a "thorn" in the eyes of netizens here.

According to Nate , Lisa participated in the charity music night Gala des Pièces Jaunes on January 26, local time. She conquered fans with seductive performances and s.exy outfits. The event marks Lisa's return to the French music scene, after the 'Born Pink World Tour' in 2022.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 1

After the performance, Lisa (BlackPink) occupied the Chinese Weibo h.ot search with first place on the recommendation board and entertainment board. The interest of fans in the country of billions of people for the female idol group BlackPink has not cooled down yet. At many other events, Lisa is also easily present in h.ot searches.

Despite their high rankings, the reactions to Thai idols are all quite negative. Some Chinese viewers believe that fans spend m.oney to buy high positions on h.ot search. Many comments mention Lisa's s.trip shows in France and ask Sina to remove news about her from the h.ot news rankings.

"The artist performs publicly at C.razy Horse but is still promoting in China, what values is this conveying to young people?", "Why does Sina put news like this on h.ot search", "I don't understand, the artists who went to see Lisa perform were all banned, but the dancers in the show still appear on h.ot searches on platforms in China"... the comments were aimed at BlackPink members.

At the charity event, Lisa performed Lalisa, Money and the song Sexy Girl in collaboration with DJ Snake. Along with negative reactions from Chinese audiences, many people commented that Lisa's stage outfit was outstanding but not eye-catching. "The outfit is a bit sensitive when dancing, she should pay more attention", "The outfit is ugly, looks offensive, especially not suitable for a charity event"... the audience expressed their opinions.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 2

On stage, the star born in 1997 mainly sings, focusing on dancing. Lisa confirmed that the costumes were all sponsored by the Loewe brand. Some fans said that the makeup and costume team is no longer under the management of YG Entertainment.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 3

During the show, Lisa was favored by the first lady of the French President - the host of the charity event - and pulled into the middle to take photos with the guests. In addition to the enthusiastic cheers from French fans, Lisa's family including her father, mother and the family of her rumored boyfriend - Frédéric Arnault - were all present to support the female idol.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 4

Some sources said that at this time, the Arnault family participated in an activity of the Louis Vuitton brand held in California. Fred had to fly about 13 hours from California to France to attend his girlfriend's concert.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 5

Lisa's relationship with the son of Europe's richest man is said to have lasted more than a year, starting when Frederic Arnault continuously "heart-dropped" Lisa's photo (June 2022). Throughout 2023, they accompanied them on many work and vacation trips, although they did not make their relationship public.

Frederic Arnault, 28 years old, is the second c.hild of Bernard Arnault and his second wife - pianist Hélène Mercier. Bernard Arnault founded the LVMH empire, currently owning 75 brands such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Celine... According to Forbes , Bernard Arnault is the second richest billionaire in the world with a fortune of 223 billion USD. Earlier this year, Bernard Arnault's assets surpassed Elon Musk's, bringing him to the richest position in the world.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 6

According to Nate, Lisa is currently in France. On January 28, a photo of her taken with pop and R&B queen Rihanna was shared on social networks. The two were allowed to attend the party after the Gala des Pièces Jaunes charity concert.

According to Sinchew, the Korean-Thai rapper recently appeared in Bvlgari's new advertising campaign. However, the female singer has not yet revealed information about her future plans. She is currently very sought after in the French market.

Lisa provoked Chinese fans into a wave of anger because she had underground forces backing her - Photo 7

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