Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older son's life

Thanh PhúcMay 24, 2024 at 11:39

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Female singer Le Quyen has just shared emotional and sympathetic shares with the heartbreaking story of an 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, causing a stir on social networks recently. She also rarely mentioned her own son, and his current life was revealed.

Recently, according to information from the media and NHD. - The affected 8th grade m.ale s.tudent could not survive 1 day after being transferred from Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital to the National Children's Hospital (Hanoi) for treatment. On social networks, the online community felt sorry for them and continuously shared articles about the m.ale s.tudent and his situation.

Recently, Le Quyen posted a status line expressing her sadness when she heard that the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent had passed away. She said: "I love the b.oy so much, I hope he rests in peace. Every day I read the news and hope for good news. Now hearing this news again, it's so sad."

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 1

Previously, in March 2024, right after the tragic incident of NHĐ., Le Quyen once sent a message to the b.oy: "He is only 1 year older than Bo. Please try your best, son. Pray for you." Miraculous resurrection. I love you so much, my c.hild."

On the same day, the "tea room queen" also posted an article sharing her current life. She said the feeling of happiness and peace is being able to relax and wait for her son to come home from school. The female singer shared: "Now I'm back from a vegetarian diet, preparing the fresh fruit altar, burning fragrant incense, sitting comfortably waiting for Bo to come home from school, it's as simple as that but very happy. Peaceful without acting." can describe.

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 2

It is a choice and effort to preserve, not a gift. It's not easy but it's not too difficult to get, you just have to know what you really want."

Singer Le Quyen and her ex-husband, businessman Duc Huy, are known as famous tycoons in Vietnam. Even though they are divorced, both of them still have a lot of love for their common son, Le Ky Anh (named at home, Bo), born in 2011. In particular, the voice of Dreams Come True and her ex-husband are still strong. Invest in children's education. Accordingly, Le Quyen is sending her son to study at a famous international school in Ho Chi Minh City, which is Ho Chi Minh City International School.

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 3

It is known that Le Quyen's son has studied at this school since elementary school. On her personal page, the female singer often posts pictures of b.aby Bo while at school, as well as r.evealing many interesting information about her c.hild's learning process. In 2023, Le Quyen posted on her Instagram story a photo with the content "Top 10 schools for the super rich in Vietnam". And the top 1 school is the international school that her son is studying, with a "huge" tuition fee.

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 4

In recent days, the "tea room queen" has also been called out by the online community when her ex-husband, tycoon Duc Huy, was "captured" in the moment of being paired with the beautiful Phi Phuong Anh. Many people believe that the male businessman now has a new girlfriend, but the "main owner" has not yet spoken out.

In early 2024, Le Quyen said that she and her ex-husband still maintained a friendly relationship, often calling to check in. The female singer also revealed how she encouraged her ex-husband to find new love.

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 5

Le Quyen confided: "He and I still love each other. I encourage you to find a good person to be with. And only one person. If you keep being romantic and amorous, too adventurous, women will Seriously, they will be scared. I still tease my c.hild's father like that.

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 6

They both still love each other because they spent 10 years together, building and overcoming difficulties. If someone came into my life and reached that level of love, it would take at least ten years. We have to build and nurture again. Even though we are no longer in love or lovers, we consider each other to be relatives."

Le Quyen was in pain about the 8th grade m.ale s.tudent, rarely talking about her older sons life - Photo 7

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