Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures

Bảo NamMay 23, 2024 at 06:55

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For nearly 7 months, Kieu Ly Pham continuously had to go to the doctor, have her eggs injected, and went through many stages, but the beauty still happily accepted. However, the good news had not yet come, making her very shocked and cry a lot.

Already famous as a former Hanoi h.ot g.irl, Kieu Ly Pham became even more famous when she appeared as the female lead in an episode of Who Is That a few years ago. Kieu Ly makes many people admire her beautiful beauty and successful business career.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 1

Kieu Ly has now found her "faithful soul" in young director Duc Anh - the person behind many famous music videos of singers. The happy married life of both is admired by many people. But few people know that this h.ot g.irl's journey to "find her child" is also extremely arduous and difficult.

"I will tell my story over the past 6 months. I am a person who always feels lucky in everything I do, but when it comes to an important moment in my life, luck does not smile on me. The journey to my children. My husband and I are not destined to be together yet, but recent times have brought us closer together.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 2

Even though I have never gained more than 50kg before, now I have gained more than 7kg due to hormonal changes and I still happily accept it. I told myself that the more difficult it is, the more I will appreciate it," Kieu Ly Pham confided and shared the moments of ovulation induction, painful search for a b.aby but still unsuccessful, times when it seemed like she was pregnant but just... The joy caused her to burst into tears.

After 2 years of marriage, Kieu Ly and her husband moved to Saigon to change their living environment, so at first they did not think anything about having a b.aby. However, everything changed soon after. "Of course in marriage everyone sets milestones, I'm over 30 years old, my husband is 40 years old, so after 1 year the couple went natural without anything, so they looked for the IVF method. This is also a process because it's just a process. My Amh number was not very high so the couple decided to do IVF.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 3

Every time I go back to my hometown, my aunts, uncles, and neighbors all ask me if I have a b.aby, why I don't have a b.aby, and m.oney doesn't matter. This year, the year of the Dragon matches the age of the parents, so every family wants to hunt. Only later did I realize that not everything goes as expected. When we determined to have children, my husband and I arranged work in Saigon and returned to Hanoi. No matter what method you use, in addition to wasting time and m.oney, after-care is very important and requires support from relatives and friends," Kieu Ly confided.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 4

"After 2 failed embryo transfers, I found that the first process of preparing for health is very important. Initially when learning about IVF, I only looked to see which doctors and hospitals were good and did not care about my condition. Is my health eligible for IVF?

Each month in your cycle there will be a different number of eggs and good follicles, so if you are not in a hurry, mothers should spend 2-3 months preparing for good quality eggs and embryos, thus also saving m.oney. save more time and costs. And I had to take care of my husband's health as well. At first, I had no experience, so at first I only had 3 embryos. The duration of IVF varies from person to person, ranging from 3-5 months. The average cost after researching hospitals is from 80-100 million.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 5

The 3 most important stages of this process are egg stimulation; Retrieve eggs to create embryos and Place embryos. Whether egg stimulation is painful or not depends on each person and the health status of each mother. I also don't feel any pain or discomfort. For many mothers with multiple eggs or polycystic ovaries, the ovulation induction process of about 10 days is quite painful.

During the second IVF procedure, I had to get an anticoagulant injection, which was incredibly painful and haunting. Egg retrieval and embryo creation are anesthetized so there is no pain at all, but some mothers may feel nauseous and uncomfortable. At the same time, my husband also took s.emen, and 3-5 days later there would be embryo results. Embryo placement is gentle and painless. The most important step is step 2: collecting eggs. No matter the cost, there is a suitable hospital and doctor, prepare your health before, during and after IVF to get the best results," h.ot g.irl Kieu Ly shared her arduous journey.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 6

Until now, the couple is still trying together. The encouragement of her husband and family is the biggest motivation for Kieu Ly Pham to continue this journey of "finding her child".

Talking about the journey to find a c.hild using the IVF method, before that, it took Ms. Nhan Vlog (real name Duc Nhan) more than 5 years to finally hold her first c.hild.

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 7

She shared on her personal page: "Through everything in life, I finally heard my c.hild cry. I cried like a c.hild with my c.hild. Crying because I became a mother like everyone else, because of myself. tried to maintain her stance until the last minute, using her mother's own eggs instead of asking for other people's eggs. She cried because in the end a miracle happened to a woman whose eggs were close to zero and severely infertile. suffered from many problems such as fallopian tube retention, endometritis... But I was finally able to become a mother."

Kieu Ly NALA, egg injection and fertilization to find a b.aby, burst into tears after many failures - Photo 8

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