Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien?

Hoàng AnhJan 31, 2023 at 14:16

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Many colleagues and friends congratulated Khanh Thi when she judged that she was pregnant for the third time.

Khanh Thi and Phan Hien just got married in December 2022 after 13 years of being together. The wedding of the two attracted a lot of attention and publicity as well as the congratulations of many famous friends. After marriage, husband and wife Khanh Thi - Phan Hien returned to their daily work.

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 1

Recently, Khanh Thi suddenly shared a hidden status line on her personal Facebook page. She revealed that on the first day of 2023, she received good news that made her laugh non-stop. Specifically, Khanh Thi wrote: "Today my family heard the news, suddenly I laughed all the time".

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 2

Although it was not clear what the good news was, there were a lot of viewers who left comments congratulating Khanh Thi and Phan Hien. Some netizens also questioned the fact that the dance sport queen of Vietnam was pregnant with her third b.aby after a grand wedding with her husband Phan Hien.

"Congratulations dear friend"; "Good news again, congratulations, congratulations"; "Congratulations to Anna and Kubi about having you"; "Oh again, sister, congratulations to the family"; "Are you pregnant again?"..., a series of comments under Khanh Thi's post.

However, all is still just speculation, what the truth is, we have to wait for Khanh Thi to confirm.

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 3

It is known that Khanh Thi and Phan Hien once caused a fever with their teacher-student love. However, at first, the love of the two faced many objections from the public. Ignoring mixed criticism, the couple is still happy together.

In 2015, Khanh Thi confirmed her pregnancy, causing a stir in public opinion. Although the identity of the c.hild's father was not disclosed, everyone implicitly understood that it was Phan Hien's boyfriend. After many years of marriage, the couple has 2 children together including 1 male and 1 female.

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 4

In 2022, Phan Hien officially proposed to Khanh Thi. The wedding that took place in December was a sweet end to their thorny love affair for more than a decade. During the wedding, Phan Hien couldn't help but burst into tears of emotion: "I never told Khanh Thi that I was very afraid that when we got together, people would gossip a lot. I was most afraid when they got married. I invited the wedding, no one will attend. We are admired by many people but also hated by many. But that was in the past, today is different, there are no seats below, I I just want to thank everyone."

Not long after getting married, Khanh Thi once expressed her desire to have more children. Phan Hien shared on his personal page about his wife's decision: "At the beginning of the year, my wife said she did not give birth to 4 children without respect". It seems that Khanh Thi still wishes her family had more members to fill with laughter.

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 5

Before that, Phan Hien also shared the story of "crying and laughing" on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year.

Accordingly, when he went to Khanh Thi's house to wish Tet, the dancesport grandmaster praised himself and did not forget to flatter his wife. He said to his mother-in-law: "Do you think I'm handsome this year, thanks to my wife and son?"

Contrary to Phan Hien's excitement, Khanh Thi's birth mother replied: "Looks like a man, each crime is a bit short".

Faced with the rather "muddy" reaction of his mother-in-law, Phan Hien lamented: "Wow, it's only the 1st of the new year". He witty said "there is a broken heart".

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 6

Entering dancesport for many years and have had certain achievements, but perhaps 2022 is still considered a very successful year for Phan Hien and Khanh Thi when supporting each other to achieve high results in the 31st SEA Games.

Specifically, Khanh Thi accompanied her husband as a coach. Under the guidance of his wife, Phan Hien and his dance partner excellently overcame athletes from other countries to win gold in 3 events: Paso doble, Jive and 5 Latin dances.

To encourage her husband's achievements, Khanh Thi prepared a "small" gift for him. That is a large displacement vehicle, known to cost more than 1 billion.

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 7

In the post summarizing the old year, the male dancer said that even though he won 3 medals and bought a few good cars, all of that was still not as good as having a wife like Khanh Thi.

"In general, this year I have: 3 SEA Games medals, a few motorbikes... But really those things are still not as good as having a wife like you", Phan Hien openly "flatters" his partner.

The male dancer also confessed to Khanh Thi that: "I am so lucky to have you".

Khanh Thi revealed the third pregnancy story after the fairy wedding with Phan Hien? - Photo 8

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