Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited

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Johnny Depp has made fans burst with emotion and happiness after being sentenced to win the lawsuit against his ex-wife. However, according to Hollywood experts, the actor's reputation may not be fully restored even after w.inning the lawsuit.

Recently, a Hollywood expert shared with People: "I don't think he can return to the peak like before. This is a waste of time, m.oney and effort." This expert also believes that Johnny Depp can definitely be invited by many studios for projects because he is loved by the audience. However, this does not mean Johnny Depp can have a glorious career.

Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited - Photo 1

"After the verdict, it will be time for Johnny Depp to move on, sometimes gnawing at the pain if necessary. His years of building up a reputation have been destroyed in a matter of weeks. No one is really who he is. the winner", the expert shared his view.

The expert also explained why Johnny Depp was difficult to regain his former peak form: "It is true that Mr. Depp won morally, but let's not forget he won over a woman he was. once loved deeply. And he made her taste the mud."

"Johnny Depp's career could return while Amber Heard will have to focus on choosing a different, smaller and motivating career path for her", the expert emphasized, "Although Johnny Depp cannot sublime as before, but he will do better. The fans are extremely loyal and have a voice even though they all know he is not perfect."

Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited - Photo 2

Before that, many other experts also said that the 58-year-old actor is likely to return to Hollywood with a completely different image, which means he will not have as many heroic roles as before, and there will probably be no contract with Disney anymore. This is because the actor's image is no longer suitable for the "family, friendly" type.

"Maybe he'll do indie films and play some bad guy, some criminal. Cute, funny roles won't suit him anymore, but the bad guy role would be perfect. ", said crisis media expert.

Elsewhere, after the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended, the Washington Post added an editor's note to the top of Amber Heard's 2018 editorial.

Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited - Photo 3

People reported that the Washington Post added an editor's note to the top of an editorial written by Amber Heard in 2018 about coping with and overcoming domestic v.iolence. The adjustment was made after the results of the trial of Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard for defamation were released. The court concluded that Heard's article contained content defaming the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

On June 2, the electronic version of an editorial written by Amber Heard, published on the Washington Post's website since December 2018, was supplemented with an editor's annotation. The text read: "In 2019, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation, arising from the content of this 2018 article. On June 1, 2022, in a trial held in Fairfax County, the jury concluded that Amber Heard was guilty of three statements in the article - denounced by Depp as untrue and damaging the actor's honor."

"These include: (1) 'I speak out against sexual v.iolence, and face the wrath of our culture. This needs to change'. (2) 'Then two years ago , I became a famous victim of domestic v.iolence, and I felt the pressure of public opinion on women who dared to speak up' (3) 'I had a rare opportunity to speak up. witness, in real time, how this institution protects abusive men,'" the caption continued.

The text concludes by summarizing: "On the other hand, the court also found that Depp, through his attorney Adam Waldman, had engaged in defamation of Heard as one of the three counts listed in the counterclaim." .

Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited - Photo 4

Sharing with People, legal analyst Emily D. Baker commented that the Washington Post made a "smart move" when adding an editor's comment to update the situation instead of completely removing the article. "This lawsuit has received a lot of attention and discussion, so I think the editorial is still valid as a reference," Baker said.

The expert continued: "I appreciate the decision to add a footnote instead of removing it entirely. And I also appreciate how they specifically and precisely quoted the points identified as defamatory in the article. Im Anyone can do it quietly, but I appreciate that they said, 'Whoever is reading this, here's what happened'."

Johnny Depp is hard to return to his peak despite w.inning the lawsuit, Amber Heard's post about ex-husband was edited - Photo 5

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