Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know?

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Jeon So Min joined the entertainment industry as an actress, but it was not until she joined "Running Man" that Jeon So Min was noticed. However, after only a short time participating in the program, the actress had to collect a large number of anti-fans and became the most hated member.

Jeon So Min (born April 7, 1986) is a South Korean actress, model and book writer. Jeon So Min made her debut in 2004 with the sitcom Miracle.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 1

Jeon So Min participated in many movie works but did not receive much attention. The roles that Jeon So Min participates in are mainly supporting roles, cameo. She also played the lead role, but those films all had low ratings and did not impress the audience much.

In April 2017, Jeon So Min became one of the additional members of the reality TV show Running Man. As the second pink shadow after Song Ji Hyo, the appearance of the female star born in 1986 caused a lot of controversy. She was repeatedly criticized for her abusive speech and poor behavior on the show.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 2

Even the "Running Man" production team had to block the notice board for viewers because there were too many hateful comments aimed at member Jeon So Min. There are a number of reasons why Jeon So Min became the most hated "frog girl" on the show.

"Robbing" the waves of members and guests

Many comments said that there was a time when "Running Man" turned into Jeon So Min's own show when giving her too much airtime. It is known that PD Jung Chul Min - the producer of Running Man is also a close friend of Jeon So Min. Therefore, netizens suspect that So Min is supported, the PR is obvious by taking up too much airtime, her scenes are often attached with stickers and lovely comments to add highlights. Even, "Running Man" spent 3 special episodes just to... wish her happy birthday.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 3

Besides, Jeon So Min is said to have occupied the screen time of the guests. If the other members always create conditions for guests to show their talents, So Min always blatantly interrupts, taking up screen time, showing excessive actions.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 4

Not only dominating the guest wave, but Jeon So Min also always overwhelms the other members. At the c.limax, fans of "Stupid Aunt" Song Ji Hyo simultaneously trended the hashtag #more_screen_time_for_JiHyo (Ji Hyo needs more screen time) on SBS's official Instagram account to claim justice for the idol.

Acts ridiculous, overplays, likes to "fame", likes to create "loveline"

Jeon So Min has been criticized many times for her excessive actions, overplaying, and being judged as greedy for her "fame". The excessive, ungainly acts with the guests appeared so much that Haha had to frown and remind So Min many times.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 5

Jeon So Min also made many fans "itchy eyes" with her excessive intimacy with handsome men. When there is a male guest, Jeon So Min constantly has touching gestures, "listening", deliberately creating intimate moments and "loveline". She is constantly criticized by fans as "a saint of fame", "a saint of boys", "a saint of loveline".

Rude speech, uncharacteristic actions

"Running Man" is a program rated 12, but with the appearance of Jeon So Min, perhaps the station has to raise it to 19 to be enough. Jeon So Min's vulgar and obscene actions and statements made viewers blush many times.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 6

Along with the words, Jeon So Min's actions are also "uncharacteristic" to the extent that the audience has an objectionable view of herself. In the program "Running Man", artists like Lee Kwang Soo, Haha... also had obscene statements, but the station processed the sound to make them laugh.

In fact, there are also artists who once blurted out obscene statements on Running Man and were strongly criticized and condemned. Lee Kwang Soo was criticized by the audience and even protested by making a petition to the Blue House for accidentally using the word "flower snake" to refer to a female artist.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 7

Not only talking vulgarly about sensitive things, Jeon So Min is also very active in saying bad things, bad luck, constantly mentioning "departure" when others participate in adventure games. The members have been reminded many times, even the eldest Suk Jin said "I can't believe you said that" but So Min still did not absorb and correct.

Disrespect to adults, disrespect to guests

As the youngest member, So Min has controversial actions such as being rude to seniors, disrespecting guests. Not only that, So Min also has a hobby of "violence" with guests such as biting her hands, rummaging through her wallet, hair... These actions made her criticized for a long time, and became "a thorn". " in the eyes of many fans.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 8

After 3 years of joining "Running Man", Jeon So Min's efforts to get along and bring laughter have also been recognized by many viewers. But besides that, the bad impressions of her are hard to erase in the hearts of those who are interested in the program and even antifans.

Regarding her private life, Jeon So Min has been known for her alcoholism in the past. She uses alcohol as an anesthetic: "In that moment, I was really happy. I often drink because it makes time pass so quickly."

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 9

In December 2021, Jeon So Min first talked about her painful past as an unknown rookie. Specifically, the "Running Man" star said that when he was a rookie, he was lucky to be chosen to play the lead role in a short play. She was very happy when she got to play the lead role for the first time after a long time of being anonymous. So the actress worked extremely hard and prepared a lot to show her best.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 10

The director of this play is known as a violent person and has a bad personality. From the director's point of view, he seems to hate the acting of rookie actress Jeon So Min. That's why he cursed Jeon So Min every time she made a mistake or messed up the scene.

The actress was even hit in the head once. Perhaps after being hit by the director so many times, she also developed a habit of "punishing" herself after making a mistake. In addition, the filming environment was also in terrible conditions at that time, so the actors had to move the filming equipment along with the staff. This unpleasant director also asked Jeon So Min to make him breakfast, then turned her into an assistant to run errands.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 11

Jeon So Min worked so hard that she even tried to escape from the set but was immediately caught by the director. There used to be a difficult time, but now Jeon So Min finally has a place and a name thanks to Running Man, however, the audience's opposition to her is still extremely fierce.

Jeon So Min: "The Frog" is the most hated Running Man and the painful past few people know? - Photo 12

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