Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution

Thanh PhúcJun 15, 2024 at 16:34

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Globally famous singer Jennifer Lopez is going through a series of events in her life, experiencing instability that makes her fans worried. Experts give a lot of advice and find solutions.

According to Page Six, Jennifer Lopez is going through a difficult period when both her career and marriage are having problems. During this time, the On The Floor singer disappeared from the music scene, and she did not regularly update photos on social networks because she wanted to focus on resolving personal matters.

Entertainment Tonight sources revealed that JLo and Ben Affleck currently live separately. Before that, Affleck alone went to the apartment under his name in the Brentwood area (Los Angeles, USA) and rested here for a whole week, while his wife and children still lived a few minutes' drive away.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 1

Some paparazzi took pictures of Affleck spending the day with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and not seeing too much of JLo at the moment. The rare time they appeared together at the graduation ceremony of their 12-year-old son Samuel, JLo and her husband kept their distance, avoiding running into each other.

According to Page Six's close source, the couple's marriage has had many problems, but they have not yet broken up because they want to give each other time to consider. This source denied that JLo had filed for divorce and posted a photo of the singer still wearing her wedding ring on her ring finger.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 2

As for the villa in the joint names of two people in Beverly Hills (priced at more than 60 million USD) being sold after only one year of ownership, Page Six explained: "Ben never liked the house because the location was too far from school." children's education. And JLo feels that this is too great an asset."

On June 11, ET news source quoted a close person, revealing that the star couple is doing their own thing right now. They are said to go into the relationship very optimistically and think that things can change, but they don't. The two of you need time to calm down.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 3

According to The Things, personal issues greatly affected JLo's work, forcing her to cancel her This Is Me... Now tour for the reason of "spending time with family". She expressed, "I'm so heartbroken that I disappointed everyone. I promise to make it up to you and we will be together again. I love my audience so much."

However, Forbes pointed out that This Is Me... Now is actually quite sluggish. Although the size of each night is only about 15,000 spectators - 1/10 of Taylor Swift's show, the stadium occupancy rate is only about 70%. In some places, more than half of the field is still empty, even though tickets have been reduced to a record low, only 10 USD.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 4

The public believes that poor sales, combined with marital problems, caused JLo to cancel the tour that she devoted a lot of effort to.

Responding to The Things, communications expert Edward Hopkins commented that Lopez's image, reputation and appeal are being severely affected. He said that personal problems directly reflect JLo's career, and without a smart handling strategy, it will be difficult for the female singer to control the damage.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 5

"Intense media scrutiny and rumors of a possible divorce could overshadow Jennifer's professional achievements," the expert explains. In today's digital age, where every action is recorded and shared globally, maintaining a positive, happy image is difficult but extremely important."

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 6

Hopkins said JLo is unable to control her emotions when she appears tired and irritable. These not so good moments were quickly shared everywhere, accompanied by a series of unfavorable information, making the situation serious.

"The video on TikTok depicts JLo being rude to fans and strangers. The comments are criticizing her," he cited. According to Hopkins, publicly appearing or asking anonymous sources to speak up at this time is not advisable.

Jennifer Lopez is unstable, fans are worried, experts step in to find a solution - Photo 7

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