Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender

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On Instagram earlier this week, Jennifer Garner shared a series of photos choked with happiness before a new milestone in her daughter's educational journey.

One photo shows Jennifer crying while standing and applauding with parents at the graduation ceremony and another shows her wiping away tears on outdoor campus. She also shed tears while sitting on the plane home.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 1

The 52-year-old star - who never posts photos of her children online - captioned: "Tell me you graduated without saying it." She attached a crying and laughing emoji and the note: "Please bless our hearts."

Many colleagues sent their wishes to Jennifer Garner and her daughter, such as actors Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon... 52-year-old fashion designer Rachel Zoe expressed sympathy for Jennifer because she had also just experienced indescribable emotions. when boys enter their teens.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 2

Sharing with the media, the Alias actress revealed that Violet is in the process of applying to college. "Excitement and stress go hand in hand," she confided on Live with Kelly and Mark. "She handled it very well and took full responsibility. She's a self-starter. I'm proud of her no matter what."

She said it is not easy raising teenage children, but she has learned to respect the children's decisions and choices. "I'm just watching my children during this period as they figure out who they will become and what they will learn. I always pay close attention to them," she said.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 3

Violet is Jennifer Garner's eldest daughter with her ex-husband, actor Ben Affleck. The former star couple also has daughters Fin, 15 years old, and Samuel, 12 years old. Before "going their separate ways", the two had a very happy relationship. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck first met in the summer of 2001 and in 2005, they both held hands and walked down the aisle.

However, after 10 years of marriage, the couple announced that they were going through divorce proceedings in 2015. By 2018, the two had completed all the procedures and became strangers.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 4

Years after the divorce, the "Batman" actor admitted that the reason the two "went their separate ways" was due to his alcoholism. In addition, the relationship between husband and wife gradually becomes cold over the years, making the marriage suffocating. "Jennifer is still the woman I love and respect, but we can't be together anymore," Ben Affleck shared when appearing on a show.

Jennifer Garner herself also spoke up to defend her ex-husband against information about infidelity when responding to Vanity Fair magazine. According to the actress, she and Ben Affleck broke up many months before suspicions of the actor having an affair with his nanny arose. Jennifer Garner said that everyone feels sorry for her. However, the actress herself only found this rumor funny.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 5

Talking about her 10-year marriage with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner shared that she never feels regret. If she could go back to that time, she would still choose to marry Ben Affleck. "He is the love of my life. Ben is a wonderful, charismatic and generous person. But he is also quite complicated," Jennifer Garner said about her ex-husband.

Not only that, Ben Affleck also has a quite comfortable relationship with his ex-wife's boyfriend - male businessman John Miller. In January 2023, paparazzi captured a "happy handshake" moment between Ben Affleck and his ex-wife's boyfriend outside Jennifer Garner's house in Los Angeles, USA. Both smiled, shook hands and chatted happily.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 6

In addition, a source revealed that during the performance of Ben Affleck's daughter Seraphina and his new wife Jennifer Garner, the actress met and had a close conversation with Jennifer Lopez. This is the first time the two met after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married.

Also according to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner is truly a wonderful mother. The actress's way of raising children is admired by the public. Jennifer Garner said that raising her children is always her top priority. The actress herself always wants to become the best version of herself, for her children to see and follow.

Earlier this year, Jennifer also supported her second daughter when she changed to a masculine style, shaved her hair and dressed like a b.oy, taking the new name Fin Affleck.

Jennifer Garner cried on her big day, shocked when her daughter shaved her head and changed her gender - Photo 7

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