Jennie released a diss segment "exposing" YG, Lisa's comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious

Nguyễn KimJun 21, 2024 at 15:27

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Just on the evening of June 20, BLACKPINK fans couldn't help but be "suffocated" with Lisa and Jennie's solo comeback move. While the Thai female idol captivates with her fierce appearance, Jennie is quite fierce with her new rap.

On the evening of June 20, Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly released a second video on the TikTok platform to promote the newly announced campaign. However, what caught fans' attention the most was the rap segment that appeared in the video. Even though she only appeared in a promotional video, what Jennie conveyed in the rap made the online community stir.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 1

Specifically, the rap segment that Jennie performed in the video has the meaning: "Taken for granted. Taken as hostage. Carried the baggage. As luck would have it. Future was written. They didn't plan for woman to woman up ".

Roughly translated: "Being underestimated and overlooked. Becoming a "hostage" and being torn apart. Carrying so many burdens. Carrying the past. But fortunately, the future is predetermined. What they didn't expect was that women would rise up."

Even though it's just a short teaser, the lyrics seem to remind of Jennie's past when she worked under YG Entertainment. The audience said that the female idol's rap aimed to criticize her former management company for not treating BLACKPINK members well.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 2

Previously, Jennie said that through her new song, she was freeing herself from past constraints. The current Jennie is a new, vibrant, fresh and interesting version.

Meanwhile, fans felt happy when Jennie freely expressed her personality and dared to stand up and criticize the injustice that YG Entertainment did to BLACKPINK. However, there are also many people who commented negatively, saying that she should not defame the management company.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 3

Before Jennie, Rosé was also a member of BLACKPINK who was suspected of secretly accusing YG of holding back development in a letter to fans. However, this is only speculation from netizens. Many people think that maybe Rosé wants to convey the message that throughout the years of her career, there has always been a team behind her to support and do everything, so to become an independent person or head of a company like the members. As for BLACKPINK, she needs a lot of time to learn and believe in herself.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 4

Also on the evening of June 20, Lisa released the first image to promote the music product called "Rockstar", which will be released on June 28. Lisa shocked when she appeared with a look full of personality. She has mullet hair, brown skin, star-shaped teeth and a unique combination of eyeglasses and large earrings. Along with that is a somewhat "rebellious" tongue-sticking expression. The entire concept made the fan community unable to believe their eyes as this was the first time Lisa brought out an unprecedented "street fire" look.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 5

On social networks, from international to Vietnamese fan communities, everyone couldn't help but be "panicked" with Lisa's latest image. Most people affirm that this is an unexpected image from her.

Besides, Lisa's fans are also extremely excited to witness the constant transformation and bring many surprises like the present. In just a short time, the keyword "presave rockstar" has reached the top 4 and top 5 global trends on platform X (Twitter) with nearly tens of thousands of posts in just a few minutes.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 6

Previously, Lisa revealed a new piece of music on her personal Tiktok account. According to audience speculation, this could be the background music of the upcoming song Lisa.

"Rockstar" marks Lisa's solo comeback after nearly 3 years, since her debut mini album "LALISA" released in 2021. This is also Lisa's first music product after she separated from YG Entertainment.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 7

In April, Lisa signed a contract with the American record label RCA Records - where she has collaborated with many global stars such as Doja Cat, SZA, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Becky G... And this time, " Rockstar" will be a collaboration between Lisa's company LLOUD and RCA Records.

Jennie released a diss segment exposing YG, Lisas comeback was unprecedentedly rebellious - Photo 8

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