Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised

Gia NhiMay 23, 2024 at 06:47

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Fans of female idol Jennie - a member of the group BlackPink caused a stir when she recently officially moved into the most luxurious villa in Korea for the rich. eye.

Accordingly, Blackpink's Jennie moved to UN Village, a luxury villa area in Hannam-dong, where the most expensive living standard in Seoul. According to WJ, Jennie's villa is decorated modernly, simply but luxuriously, with an urban feel. View of the house overlooking the Han River. The La Terrasse complex is located in the most luxurious neighborhood in the country, called the United Nations Village. This neighborhood has great views of Nam Mountain and Han River, looking like paradise.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 1

Jennie paid 500 million won (370,000 USD) in advance when signing the contract in February 2021. By November last year, the final amount of 4.5 billion won (equivalent to 3.08 million USD) was paid in cash, without a bank loan. The villa has 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a wine storage cabinet, with a total area of 223.97 m2. Her neighbors are Jin, Suga and RM of BTS, G-Dragon, Taeyang of Big Bang and Song Hye Kyo.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 2

Inside the living room, Jennie used luxurious furniture in black tones that contrast with the color of the house. Here, she placed a large black sofa and a round glass table, with a dark fur carpet at the foot creating a luxurious and somewhat mysterious look. Opposite the living room there is also a table and chair area made of wood and stone - this area was once revealed by Jennie in a TV show.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 3

In the bedroom, Jennie painted it in a combination of gray and white to make the space look more spacious and comfortable. She also bought a large, extremely luxurious beige and white bed. Regarding decoration, "Princess BlackPink"'s bedroom decor is quite simple with small, beautiful items but enough to exude luxury and class.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 4

The house's kitchen is also quite large. All furniture and appliances in the kitchen were chosen by Jennie in black tones, in harmony with the color of the living room interior. She also equips her kitchen with modern and beautiful household appliances to both serve her cooking needs and beautify the space.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 5

To match the value of the entire house, Jennie also spent heavily on a series of expensive furniture, equipment, and household appliances to make the living space as comfortable as possible. First of all, the black sofa takes up the entire spotlight in the living room. This is a sofa by Sacha Lakic Design and costs about 10,000 USD (more than 229 million VND).

Some images of the house appeared in the episode Super rich in Korea shown on Netflix , in which the real estate is likened to an art gallery.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 6

Jennie Kim was born in 1996 in Korea. She spent 5 years studying in New Zealand. At 20 years old, she debuted in the entertainment industry as a member of the group Blackpink and released a solo product two years later. Jennie currently has about 80 million followers on Instagram. She is the face that many fashion brands consider as their darling, including Chanel - the brand Jennie represents.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 7

In November 2023, Jennie registered her own brand. Her assets are currently estimated at 10 million USD, not including inheritance. Her mother is a major shareholder of CJ E&M, one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea. Jennie herself has been earning her own m.oney since she was 14 years old. In addition to working in the group Blackpink, she is the first member to go solo with the single Solo in 2018. This single has exceeded 553 million views on Spotify and reached 977 million views on YouTube in October.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 8

Not only being called "Chanel saint", Jennie also advertises for Calvin Klein, Hera, Samsung Galaxy, and Lotte Confectionery. She also collaborated with Korean luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster to launch the Jentle Home Collection sunglasses line. It is estimated that with each contract, she earns millions of dollars.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) moved into the richest villa in Korea, fans were surprised - Photo 9

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