Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu

NắngJan 08, 2024 at 10:38

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After divorcing Angelababy, Huynh Xiaoming became involved in dating h.ot g.irl Ye Kha. The two then had a period of separation and reunion, which cost the media a lot of ink. However, so far, Huynh Xiaoming's side has not responded.

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 1

On January 7, Sohu reported that the romance of actor Huynh Xiaoming and h.ot g.irl model Ye Kha once again became the focus of the public. Despite the news that Huynh Xiaoming has a new person, it seems that the relationship between the actor and Ye Kha is still salty.

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 2

Specifically, when Ye Ke was livestreaming chatting with fans, a phone call came, and the model sweetly replied: "Husband, I love you, love you, goodbye to you." When asked if the caller was Huynh Xiaoming, Ye Kha, although not denying, was evasive when asked about the subject of the call.

However, the beauty did not give a clear explanation, leaving viewers still with many questions and speculations. Many people believe that it is possible that Huynh Xiaoming and Ye Kha got married without announcing it, but this is just speculation of netizens and there is no concrete evidence to confirm this.

Huynh Xiaoming was born in 1977 in Shandong province, China. He entered the entertainment industry at the age of 21 with the film Love is not a game. Successful from her first work, Huynh Xiao Minh quickly became a bright actor on the Chinese screen, starring in a series of TV series such as Long Chu Phong Bao, Phong Luu teenager Tang Ba Ti...

In 2006, he gained popularity throughout Asia for his role as Yang Guo in The Great Virtuoso, starring alongside Liu Yifei. In 2007, the film New Bund starring Xiao Ming led the viewership ratings in China.

Xiao Minh was married to actress Angelababy and had a son. The couple announced their divorce in January 2022.

In another development, on the evening of January 2, Chi Pu posted a series of photos during the concert at Hunan Radio's New Year festival that took place on the night of December 31. This is also the stage where she has the opportunity to duet with the famous male star of China - Huynh Xiao Minh.

In the series of taut shots, Chi Pu is shocked by the striking visual. Despite performing on the big stage, Chi Pu can be seen to be extremely confident and radiant. At every angle, Chi Pu shines and makes netizens praise endlessly. The moments of happy interaction between Huynh Xiaoming and Chi Pu also caused a fever in the internet.

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 3

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 4

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 5

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 6

Chi Pu is the only Vietnamese artist to participate in Hunan Radio's New Year concert program. Here, she in turn performed 2 performances including opening and then a stormy duet with Huynh Xiao Minh. For the first time appearing at 1 major music event in the country of billions of people, Chi Pu's performance made a strong impression on netizens in your country.

Under videos of Chi Pu's performances posted by Hunan radio, netizens praised the Vietnamese singer for her beautiful, radiant and "too sweet" appearance. Chi Pu's visual is considered no less than any beauty in Chinese showbiz.

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 7

After placing 6th in the overall w.inning lineup at the entertainment show Billion Billion Wind Turning Waves in China, Chi Pu has become increasingly successful. Thanks to her impressive stepping stone, she continues to appear in reality TV shows in your country. In addition, the actress also performed at major music nights in China such as A Delicious Guess or Hello Saturday, Tmall, Asian Youth Music Festival ...

Huynh Xiaoming reveals the secret of the sky after an extreme duet with Chi Pu - Photo 8

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