Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee?

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Huyen B.aby is currently a female star with strong "coverage" across all media channels. However, she chose to limit sharing and publicly posting photos of the kids.

Accordingly, she used to be one of the most popular h.ot girls in Hanoi, but Huyen B.aby later married her businessman husband and withdrew from showbiz. Huyen B.aby and his wife have 2 children, a daughter and a son. The 8x beauty herself has her own very successful business.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 1

Recently, when participating in the program "Beautiful sister riding the wind and breaking the waves", Huyen B.aby's name became "hot" again. She made many people admire and praise her for her beautiful, youthful figure that defies time; with a beautiful, attractive voice. Huyen B.aby's happy family life also attracted a lot of attention.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 2

On the TikTok platform, on February 25, Huyen B.aby shared a video recording the moment of traveling with her two children. When going out with her children, the former hotgirl still maintains her usual luxurious fashion style. What surprised netizens was the fact that she actively showed off her son's appearance. In some segments of the video, people could also see the appearance of Huyen B.aby's first daughter.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 3

According to some information publicly shared by the owner with the media, it is known that Huyen B.aby gave birth to two children whose names at home are Cu Cai (10 years old) and Milk (7 years old). Right from the moment they had children, the former hotgirl and her husband prepared the best environment and living conditions for their daughter and son.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 4

Notably, the beauty previously revealed that she spent a lot of m.oney to build a grand amusement park for her husband and wife in the basement of the mansion. In addition, Huyen B.aby also regularly takes her two children, Cu Cai and Milk, on outings, on luxurious trips here and there, and abroad so that the children have the opportunity to explore the world.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 5

Because their mother is passionate about branded goods, the children have also invested in quite a bit of expensive clothes, making them look like rich ladies and young masters. All clothes come from famous clothing brands in the world such as Dolce and Gabana, Chloe, Fendi, Moschino, Dsquared2... making followers admire the rich and aristocratic life that mother leads. This h.ot mom is enjoying herself.

A few years ago, when Huyen B.aby posted a photo of taking her daughter to perform at school at Christmas, many people noticed that the school that Cu Cai attended was a very famous international school in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City. This school has many Vietnamese stars letting their children study and teaching from preschool to high school.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 6

Tuition fees of this school are among the most expensive in Ho Chi Minh City. In the 2023-2024 school year, the school's tuition from grade 1 to grade 12 ranges from 585-863 million VND. This tuition fee increases from nearly 38 million VND to 55.6 million VND compared to the 2022-2023 school year.

It is known that the learning environment at this international school is created to encourage students to develop creative thinking, discovery and autonomy. The school offers a diverse curriculum, the school's curriculum closely follows and combines British and international national curricula. Schools often use English as the main language in the teaching and learning process.

When looking at the pictures of b.aby Cu Cai at this school, you can see how strong Huyen B.aby and his wife are in investing in their c.hild's education.

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 7

However, the beauty once said that she had trained her children to be independent from a young age. She affirmed that she did not want to impose adult thoughts on her children, and wanted them to grow up naturally.

Huyen B.aby once confided: "I have trained my children to be independent since childhood. My eldest daughter likes to do everything herself, choose her own clothes every day, and proactively eat and drink without needing anyone to feed her. I don't want to impose. Adults' thoughts on children should be to let them develop naturally. However, everything is just starting because raising children is a long process. Trying to understand your children and spending time with them is the best way. Let the b.aby feel the love of his parents."

Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee? - Photo 8

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