Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person!

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The first season is one of the hottest TV shows in Vietnam recently. The show was not only appreciated for the quality of the music, the female stars were also complimented by the bright visuals.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 1

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

Before joining Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turning Waves, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc was already known as the "beauty without dead corners". Although she often "drowns" herself, but when she needs to appear at the event, Lan Ngoc always surprises the public with her sweet beauty, easily "overcome" when being "passed" by the "passing team" or orange often zoomed close-up. Coming to the show, not only made the audience recognized for her dancing ability, the spirit of effort but Lan Ngoc's radiant beauty, the standard "Great Stars" were once again given full praise.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 2

In the performance "Diem Xua - Great Stars", Lan Ngoc made the online community feverish with her top-notch beauty. She lit up on stage in a tight-fitting white glitter dress. The makeup layout emphasized the red lips combined with curly black hair, making everyone agree that Lan Ngoc is the Visual Top 1 of the show.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 3

It can be seen that, with the advantage of beauty and beautiful b.ody and charisma on the extremely attractive stage, Lan Ngoc is always favored by the team members to put in the center position.

The shapes at Sister Dep also do not make it difficult for Lan Ngoc when she always "beautifully weighs" each outfit and creates moments of a lifetime. At the age of 33, "pearl girl" is increasingly rising in beauty and always changing a variety of styles in each public appearance.

Huyen Baby

Since returning to showbiz to participate in the program "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turning the Wave", Huyen B.aby has been increasingly interested in the audience. As a former h.ot g.irl Ha Thanh, it is understandable that Huyen B.aby's beauty in Sister Dep is always a topic of special attention. Besides Lan Ngoc, she is the face that the audience has high expectations for the visual position of the group, if not a surprise elimination before the final.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 4

Appearing at Sister Dep, whether it is at practice or on stage to perform, the frame with Huyen B.aby is always loved by the audience. In addition to theatrical performance skills, the former h.ot g.irl also impressed the audience with her youthful, plump beauty that is extremely "flattering" and her attractive and standard physique even at the age of 35.

Especially, when participating in Sister Dep, Huyen B.aby cooperated with stylist Hoang Ku to bring eye-catching outfits to the audience. From high school students, mermaids to Greek goddesses, she is excellently portrayed and is considered a factor in creating a b.oom for the program.

Tu Vi

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 5

After the first episode of the program "Sister Beautiful Pedaling the Wind Turns the Wave" aired, Tu Vi's appearance quickly became a h.ot topic of attention from the media and the audience because she seemed to be young forever. Looking at Tu Vi, few people can believe that she is in her 40s, the sweet and fresh beauty of the actress in her twenties is not only fascinated by the domestic public but also makes the Chinese online community admire.

Confucius Quynh

Considered as a name possessing outstanding strength and beauty at the show, the fact that Confucius Quynh stopped quite early made viewers regret. However, she still managed to leave in the audience's minds beautiful moments when performing at the Sister Dep stage.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 6

In real life, young and sweet like the nickname "strawberry girl", but on stage, Confucius Quynh fascinated the audience with her attractive and ghostly visuals.

No longer following the sweet and cute image as in the past, Confucius Quynh now transforms into a variety of styles. If she stays on the show, she will definitely be a versatile Visual who balances vocal-dance-visual skills for the group.

Huyen B.aby, Tu Wei is still behind this person! - Photo 7

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