Hot Tiktoker has a life like 'tearing stories' out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby

Mẫn NhiFeb 28, 2024 at 16:53

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The online community in general and TikTok users know Pun Pun because of her daily life videos as well as her hobby of collecting Lolita fashion. Pun Pun in real life is truly a "real product, real price" lady.

Tikoker Pun's real name is Pham Diem Quynh, born in 2003 in Hanoi. Pun is a famous g.irl on social networks with a hobby of wearing Lolita style dresses. This young g.irl has attracted the attention of the online community with photos wearing adorable banh beo dresses.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 1

In Tiktoker Pun's wardrobe, there are mainly flowing Lolita dresses, inspired by the world of Japanese anime. It is worth noting that their prices are not cheap at all. On average, a dress costs about 3-5 million VND. For special ones, the price even ranges from 10-20 million VND. On the TikTok platform, Pun Pun currently has more than 1.3 million followers.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 2

Pun shared that when she appeared wearing Lolita dresses, she received positive reactions from everyone. Positive reviews about her appearance make her more confident. However, Pun also encountered misunderstandings from people who did not understand this style, making her feel sad. She wants everyone to understand that Lolita is just a streetstyle fashion line, no different from regular dresses.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 3

Currently, my TikToker name is Pun owns more than 50 Lolita dresses in her personal wardrobe. In addition, she also collects JK dresses (modeled after Japanese school uniforms). Pun admitted that each Lolita dress costs from 3-5 million VND, there are even special ones priced from 10-20 million VND. The most expensive dress that Pun owns exceeds 20 million VND.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 4

In Vietnam, there are no official Lolita stores, so Pun often has to order them from Japan and then ship them back himself. In addition, these unique but expensive dresses have strict requirements for washing and preservation. Pun often has to wash them by hand or take them to a dry cleaner. If you're not careful, the lace can easily tear, which can ruin a dress.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 5

Watching the clip with Pun's ladylike style, many people often think that she has "diamond sponsors" as her parents to pursue her hobbies. However, the owner once affirmed that the dress collection was all bought by himself. Funding comes from the revenue of a small shop selling designer dresses, photo modeling and TikTok. She said she is not a fan of branded clothes. She is only willing to withdraw her wallet if her finances allow it and must be on a special occasion.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 6

Psychologist Tran Huong Thao (HCMC) said that Lolita style comes from Japan, expressing cuteness. Young people today like to express themselves and stand out from the crowd, so it is understandable that they are quickly attracted to them. She believes that the community should support those who pursue this fashion line because it makes the wearer feel happier and more confident.

However, some other opinions believe that the Lolita dress style is too flashy and not suitable for public places.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 7

According to cultural master Luu Huyen Trang, lecturer at the Academy of Journalism and Communication, Vietnam's cultural tradition of wearing clothes has characteristics that are still maintained today, which are practicality in work and living. , flexibility to suit the environment and living circumstances. Loving Lolita fashion style to the point of "crazy" and using it in different spaces, times and economic conditions is going against aesthetic thinking about costume culture. It is only suitable when participating in cultural festivals, costume parties or private spaces, private purposes.

Hot Tiktoker has a life like tearing stories out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby - Photo 8

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