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BLACKPINK's future is decided, individual contracts of 4 members are revealed, there are many surprises

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:21:45 19/12/2023
After officially renewing the group contract with YG, BLACKPINK still makes fans worried because the individual contract has not yet been decided. Many Korean experts have also predicted the future of four famous Kpop beauties.

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HOT: BLACKPINK officially renews contract with YG, continues to dominate Kpop, fans cry

An Nhi08:49:34 06/12/2023
After a period of time for fans to stand still, YG Entertainment has officially announced that all 4 Black Huong girls will continue to renew their contracts with the company. This news quickly exploded the fan community.

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BLACKPINK has kept a secret of "survival" for 4 years of their debut, causing Kpop wobbles by "saving" 2 hits

Uyển Đình09:35:38 04/12/2023
BLACKPINK from the moment of their debut in 2016 has quickly asserted their prowess by continuously achieving excellent awards at home and abroad. Up to now, the achievements that the group has achieved are difficult for any junior to surpass.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) was "loved like a thin egg" by her CEO boyfriend, sent bodyguards to accompany her, and who said breakup?

Nguyễn Kim10:27:29 03/12/2023
Since the C.razy Horse show, Lisa has not only suffered a career impact, but her relationship with her billionaire boyfriend has also been plagued by rumors. Recently, all bad rumors have been brushed off after a series of considerate actions of the CEO towards the youngest BLACKPINK brother.

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Jisoo talks about BLACKPINK's future amid contract "turn", promises to do 1 thing at the end of the year

Snow14:39:51 02/12/2023
After w.inning 3 debut MAMA trophies with his solo MV Flower, Jisoo has had remarkable shares. At the same time, it revealed something important related to BLACKPINK's survival.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) misses Vietnam, goes to the West and still checks into a pho restaurant, showing off her bare face causing a "storm"

Nguyễn Kim06:41:31 01/12/2023
On her personal social network account, Jennie (BLACKPINK) made fans restless, especially Vietnamese BLINKs, when she posted a moment taken in front of a Vietnamese pho restaurant.

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BABYMONSTER "harmed" senior BLACKPINK and lost miserably, achieving an unprecedented record in Kpop with their debut song

Uyển Đình06:33:20 30/11/2023
BABYMONSTER has officially debuted as a K-Pop group with the opening song called BATTER UP. Although still entangled in many controversies, the group successfully broke the previous record of BLACKPINK's seniors.

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BLACKPINK has not yet ended their contract with YG, fans can rest assured because solid evidence has been made public

Uyển Đình15:02:36 29/11/2023
YG's recent move attracted the attention of Kpop fans, especially BLACKPINK fans. Accordingly, the contract status of the 4 girls of the Black Huong group is said to have not ended and are still artists under the company.

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BLACKPINK "takes over" the top most beautiful faces in Kpop 2023: Rosé "slams" the champion, Jisoo is a surprise

An Nhi11:20:29 27/11/2023
The Korean entertainment industry is a land with many beautiful and talented beauties. Recently, a poll for the top 20 most beautiful female faces in KPop 2023 was held. Notably, the 4 BLACKPINK girls excellently won the top positions.

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Rosé, Jennie are "worried" because Jisoo is stressed at the royal banquet, Lisa receives a "storm" of criticism

Thiên Di16:16:39 25/11/2023
On November 21, on the occasion of Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol's visit to the UK to strengthen cultural ties between the two countries, famous Korean music group Blackpink was invited as guests at this event.

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Rosé tries to protect Jennie from the "attack" of the crowd, Lisa arouses curiosity because of her mysterious movements

An Nhi13:46:07 24/11/2023
After an honorable business trip to England, BLACKPINK has returned to Korea. However, Lisa's absence makes people curious. Besides, the moment when Jennie was cowering in fear while being protected by Rosé was widely shared on social networks.

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YG plays a "cat and mouse" game with BLACKPINK fans, taking advantage of the "chicken that lays golden eggs" to shoulder the company's revenue.

Quỳnh Quỳnh06:46:00 20/11/2023
The contract between BLACKPINK and YG is an issue of particular interest to fans and the media at the present time. Although the contract status has not been announced, YG continuously marks ownership over the members, making everyone confused.

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YG leaders spoke up about BLACKPINK's contract, 3 members re-signed with the newly saved company

Tuyết Ngọc07:49:07 31/10/2023
After many days of waiting, YG finally spoke up about the contract extension issue with BLACKPINK. Financial experts in Korea affirmed that if the group does not re-sign, the company will be negatively affected.

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BLACKPINK's contract was officially revealed by YG: "Everyone went their separate ways", does the company have a "favorite chicken" to replace them?

Nhật Hân10:11:33 11/10/2023
Recently, YG has continuously appeared in the media, accordingly, the contract issue with BLACKPINK is of interest to global netizens. Recently, the company made a move that caused a stir in public opinion.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) changed her mind to stay at YG Entertainment, and actively won the hearts of Vietnamese fans with this action!

Hoa Tuyết15:06:02 06/10/2023
According to Jennie's new schedule that has just been announced, the online community speculates that it is likely that the BLACKPINK leader will continue to collaborate with YG, along with releasing a special single as a performance video.

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