Miss Y Nhi was "revealed" by Minh Kien's secret of love, "Aunt Dung" spoke out about the crown removal

Hoàng PhúcJul 31, 2023 at 12:28

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After being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023, Y Nhi received a lot of attention from the public. However, this 21-year-old beauty is entangled in noises related to statements during media tours.

On MXH, Y Nhi was set up an anti group with the number of members up to more than 200,000 people. Up to now, this number has not stopped increasing, even this group "surpassed" anti-fan groups of other beauty queens such as Doan Thien An with 60,000 members, Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc with 26,000 members. pellets,...

Following the posts in the anti-fan association of Y Nhi, many people gave the reason as a series of uncontrollable statements. The beauty of Binh Dinh was also criticized for her poor behavior, poor communication and "labeled" stars.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 1

Even CDM repeatedly sent letters to the organizers of Miss World Vietnam, asking to s.trip Y Nhi's crown and said that she was not worthy. The reason is because she is said to lack the elements of "talent - beauty - virtue".

Regarding this, recently shared with the press, the media representative of Miss World Vietnam said that she had received a letter related to Y Nhi's incident. The management company is handling it and will make a decision as soon as possible.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 2

In the middle of the storm, runner-up Minh Kien is said to have acted extremely harshly with her seniors.

Specifically, in a recent interview, the runner-up said that the person she predicted to be crowned was not Y Nhi but 1st runner-up Dao Hien.

"Before the finals took place, all the contestants had a mini-game. We wrote down on paper who we thought would be crowned. At that time, Kien thought a very strong person with all the skills. The factor to become Miss is Ms. Dao Hien - 1st runner-up at Miss World Vietnam 2023.

I was attracted to her appearance when I first met her. She has a high forehead, exuding intellectual beauty. At the same time, Ms. Hien's profile is also a bilingual MC, so I think that Ms. Hien is a very bright contestant. During the exam, when I got in contact with her, I think Dao Hien is a person with good qualities, a good profile and a beauty from both the outside and the inside of a beauty queen, "said Minh Kien.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 3

In addition, when interacting with the media, Minh Kien also revealed Y Nhi's mood in the midst of the speech scandal.

Specifically, Minh Kien shared: "Sister Nhi is an independent and rational and strong g.irl like Kien. After the finale, people asked many questions about her feelings. I found her always lost. There is nothing to make Nhi sad or negative at all."

A week ago, Huynh Tran Y Nhi was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023. Right at the press conference after the final, she decided to publicize her love affair with Anh Kiet, who has known each other for 6 years. After that, the beauty and her boyfriend received mixed opinions on all social platforms.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 4

Many viewers believe that the beauty will "change her heart" with her boyfriend after becoming a beauty queen. Not to mention, others think that Anh Kiet's boyfriend is not worthy enough for Y Nhi's current position. However, according to the share of runner-up Minh Kien, the beauty of Binh Dinh origin is still consistent with her feelings and maintains an optimistic spirit amid the negative wave.

Before talking about her boyfriend, Y Nhi said that his parents are both teachers. From the time they were on the school chair, Anh Kiet and Y Nhi were both good students, exemplary, always focused on learning. Thanks to that, the love story of the two always receives the support of teachers and family.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 5

The school Anh Kiet is attending is the City University of Architecture. HCM. This is also the leading public university specializing in training in architecture, construction and fine arts in the country. Many excellent alumni also came out of this school such as designers Le Thanh Hoa, Cong Tri, lecturer - actor Midu.... The school is also famous for many years, always in the top places with quality training. best in the southern region.

Talking about the Architecture major that Y Nhi's boyfriend is studying, This is a special industry that lies between the two fields of art and engineering related to the organization of space arrangement, making design documents of architectural works. . Until now, architecture will also be a discipline with great potential for development.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 6

According to statistics of the Center for Human Resource Forecasting and Labor Market Information in Ho Chi Minh City, the Architecture industry always has a high demand for human resources. In the period of 2013-2015 lasting until 2020-2025, Architecture is predicted to be one of the eight industry groups that attract the most workers in Ho Chi Minh City, with about 10,800 people per year.

Bachelor of Architecture can work anywhere and take on many different roles such as: Architect design, construction, supervision of civil and industrial architectural works; construction planning of residential areas, buildings, urban and rural works at architectural consulting firms, institutes affiliated to ministries, branches, large corporations of the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Culture, ... Not to mention, working in the architecture industry also gives you many opportunities to start your own business as an investor, design, and construction of architectural works.

Not only that, this industry also has an extremely attractive salary, depending on capacity and experience, the income can range from 8 to 30 million / month. When becoming a skilled engineer, the salary can be up to 35 - 50 million VND. Therefore, Architecture is considered an attractive salary compared to the general level of occupations.

Miss Y Nhi was revealed by Minh Kiens secret of love, Aunt Dung spoke out about the crown removal - Photo 7

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