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Runner-up Ngoc Hang teases a super cool set of photos, preparing to debut a music group with Tieu Vy?

Phi Yến16:30:20 26/03/2024
After achieving success in the international arena, Ngoc Hang increasingly improved her beauty rankings. Furthermore, the queen's recent dressing sense has also been significantly upgraded.

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Minh Kien "surpassed" Y Nhi, entered the singing field, and is sure to debut in "Vietnamese version of Blackpink"

Đình Như13:55:57 15/03/2024
Recently, media company SV (Abbreviation) - a place known as the training center for Miss Vietnam - released a poster announcing the upcoming debut of a music group in Vietnamese showbiz, receiving a lot of public attention.

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Runner-up Minh Kien - Dao Hien was "caught" kissing in the street, the relationship caused curiosity

Uyển Đình15:04:36 29/02/2024
The moment the two queens Minh Kien and Dao Hien kissed each other's cheeks drew special attention from many people. Since their coronation and accompanying each other in many events, their relationship has become increasingly close.

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Ngoc Hang returns to Vietnam to "present" the Asia 2 MIC crown, Minh Kien has a bare face and "cuts" her beauty

Nguyễn Kim10:23:36 19/12/2023
Ending her journey at Miss Intercontinental 2023 in Egypt, Ngoc Hang landed in Vietnam and was welcomed by fans. At the airport, runner-up Minh Kien was also present to congratulate Ngoc Hang. Notably, she also showed off her extremely impressive bare face.

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Suspecting that runner-up Dao Hien followed in the footsteps of Y Nhi to study abroad, Minh Kien alone shouldered the Top 3 MWVN?

Keng17:28:02 04/12/2023
At noon on December 4, the 1st runner-up of Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Dao Thi Hien made headlines when sharing photos at Singapore Changi International Airport. The beauty confirmed a safe landing .

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Y Nhi retreats from the glory of Vbiz, runner-up Minh Kien is like the "main palace", every event is prominently present

Xuka15:01:16 28/11/2023
Although she is only the 2nd runner-up at Miss World Vietnam 2023, Minh Kien receives more attention from the public than Miss Y Nhi or 1st runner-up Dao Hien thanks to her friendly, honest and skillful way of speaking.

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Miss Y Nhi successfully "won" people's hearts, moves on social media when coming to Australia attracted attention

Tuyết Ngọc14:36:47 06/11/2023
After a lot of noise, Y Nhi decided to leave showbiz for 2 years to study in Australia and improve herself. A few days after arriving in a foreign land, the queen suddenly made a move to attract the attention of the public.

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Runner-up Minh Kien responded to criticism of imitating Y Nhi, affirming that she did not regret having to c.ut o.ff her hair

Bình Minh11:14:17 03/11/2023
Acting with the aim of helping others, runner-up Minh Kien was suddenly said by netizens to imitate Miss Y Nhi, to the point of having to explain the reason behind it.

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Minh Kien captured the "aura" when Y Nhi went to study abroad, fans exclamated: A ran more shows than Hoa

Nguyễn Tuyết11:29:08 01/11/2023
Minh Kien's appearance at the recent event has attracted the attention of many Vietnamese beauty fans. She is also in the process of making 1 quality TVC commercial.

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Miss Y Nhi wants to return, revealing that she has not made any m.oney since her coronation day

Yaya07:23:58 19/10/2023
The consequences of beauty queen Y Nhi's tongue-in-cheek, unthought-out statements may have left a major impact on her career and image even though many months have passed.

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Y Nhi officially reappeared, showing off her "big star" charisma, saying a sentence that caused a stir on social networks

Thảo Mai15:30:07 14/10/2023
After the scandalous statement, Miss Y Nhi seems to have disappeared from the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Until recently, netizens suddenly shared a clip about Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi.

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Hoang Phuong was blamed by netizens for having just been favored at MGI for being "disloyal", did her response attract attention?

Bảo Tiên10:08:46 13/10/2023
Recently, rumors related to Le Hoang Phuong outside the MGI competition attracted the attention of the online community. Accordingly, after being blamed by the council, Miss Hau's response caused a stir among netizens.

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Phuong Nhi shows off her amazing visuals on the way to compete internationally, while Minh Kien appears and takes the spotlight

Hướng Dương14:19:22 11/10/2023
Recently, Phuong Nhi officially set off to compete in Miss International 2023. Her beauty competition with the Hoa group, the runner-up of the Golden Lotus family, especially the beauty Minh Kien at the airport, continued to cause fever.

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Y Nhi reappears, shows photos of charity work at a hospital with 2 runner-ups, learns from experience not wearing crown?

Keng18:13:37 29/09/2023
Recently, social networks spread the image of Miss Y Nhi appearing at a hospital, suspected of reappearing after more than two months in hiding. Currently, this information is causing netizens to stir and discuss online.

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Suspected that Y Nhi disguised herself to go to charity with a sister association, a beauty queen dropped out of the MUVN competition because of a traffic accident

Minh Lợi07:32:00 25/09/2023
Miss Thanh Thuy recently shared photos from her Mid-Autumn charity trip with Do Thi Ha. The photo received many compliments for the beautiful beauty of the queens. However, attention focused on a beauty who looked very similar to Y Nhi.

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Miss Y Nhi secretly appeared after more than 2 months of false statements and was condemned by public opinion and boycotted

Yaya18:20:44 20/09/2023
After 2 months of suffering criticism and condemnation from the online community as well as people in the industry because of Miss Y Nhi's underground statements, the image of the Binh Dinh beauty was revealed for the first time.

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Runner-up Minh Kien officially surpassed Y Nhi in all aspects, her aura of royal class

Bình Yên17:25:40 15/09/2023
Up to now, after nearly 2 months of being crowned and facing controversy, the new Miss Y Nhi has still not appeared. All information related to the queen gradually became quiet.

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Runner-up Dao Hien mysteriously "disappeared" like Y Nhi, leaving all the glory to junior Minh Kien?

Thảo Mai14:23:49 15/09/2023
After taking on the position of 1st runner-up of Miss World Vietnam, Dao Hien's life has changed many things. In the beginning, Dao Hien and Minh Kien often paired up and appeared together in entertainment events.

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Runner-up Minh Kien continued to play the ball at the event, the divine beauty now became the focus of attention

Hướng Dương13:30:00 13/09/2023
The Vbiz series of cult beauties had an extremely intense duel at the sash awarding event and announced Vietnam's representative to Miss Intercontinental 2023. The beauty of runner Minh Kien through the camera often makes fans admire because she is too top-notch.

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Runner-up Minh Kien suddenly transformed, "incense" clearly visible, appeared to crush the Miss cast

Mưa10:23:52 05/09/2023
After her success at Miss World Vietnam, runner-up Minh Kien received a lot of attention from the public thanks to her impressive natural beauty. Recently, she had the opportunity to collaborate with designer Le Thanh Hoa in the Look at me collection.

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Runner-up Minh Kien suddenly appeared, causing the people to "faint up and down" because of a strange point

Nắng09:57:28 01/09/2023
With a height of 1m71 and harmonious facial contours, the beauty is impressed by her charming curves. Minh Kien's clear beauty and many unique features make people faint up and down every time they appear in public.

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Should Miss Italy be glad that there is 1 lifeline left to return to showbiz?

Keng11:50:43 25/08/2023
After a series of scandals related to the spokesperson, Miss Y Nhi was turned away by the audience, demanding to s.trip her of the crown. Currently, the only lifeline that helps the queen return to showbiz is the tolerance of the public.

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Runner-up Minh Kien became increasingly h.ot when fans gradually forgot about Y Nhi, confidently "trumpeting" the billion-billion fairy Phuong Nhi

Bình Yên16:07:12 24/08/2023
Recently, runner-up Minh Kien continued to attract attention by appearing at the finale of Miss Grand Vietnam - Miss Peace Vietnam 2023. She wore a blue dress that showed off her radiance.

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Runner-up Minh Kien suddenly publicly asked for help amid the noise of Miss Viet village: What happened?

Mộc Trà12:21:47 23/08/2023
Overcoming many opponents, Huynh Minh Kien reached the 2nd runner-up position in Miss World Vietnam 2023. After w.inning the title, the beauty born in 2004 actively works in volunteer projects and participates in events.

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