Miss "honoring the god of chastity" was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men

Hoàng PhúcApr 12, 2024 at 16:13

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After dancing with a group of men during a vacation in Thailand, Miss Viru Nikah Terinsip was suddenly stripped of her crown by the organizers of the Unduk Ngadau Johor beauty contest.

In particular, Viru Nikah Terinsip used to be a social network star. Before being stripped of his title, Terinsip apologized to the public.

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 1

Representative of the contest Organizing Committee - Mr. Joseph Pairin Kitingan - shared that Terinsip's actions were unacceptable for a beauty queen coming out of a contest honoring the goddess of virginity Huminodun of the Dusun people. Goddess Huminodun is a symbol of beauty and wisdom.

"The Organizing Committee understands that Ms. Terinsip had a private vacation with her family. During such vacations, we can do silly things. If the clip is not shared and does not cause controversy , no one will know anything about Ms. Terinsip's actions. But the story has become a problem because Terinsip is a beauty queen, there have been many mixed reactions.

As for the Organizing Committee, we do not want the contest to attract attention because of negative factors. We hope Ms. Terinsip understands this decision. This is also a warning to the contestants participating in the contest, so that they do not repeat the same mistakes," Mr. Kitingan said.

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 2

The Unduk Ngadau Johor beauty contest is a highlight of the Kaamatan festival held annually in Sabah state, Malaysia.

In an apology posted on her personal social network account, Terinsip said she would accept if the Organizing Committee stripped her of her title. She also apologized for behaving inconsiderately: "I thank all the encouragement the online community has given me. Next, let's focus on other issues and move forward together.

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 3

Most importantly, I hope my relatives and friends will not be offended or affected. You can accept my apology or not, that's your right, and I have already offered my sincere apology."

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 4

In 2023, a similar case also happened. Accordingly, Miss Papua New Guinea was stripped of her crown by the organizers just because she posted a dancing clip.

Accordingly, 26-year-old Miss Lucy Maino was stripped of her title by the organizers after she posted a twerking video on her social network. Many netizens in this country have criticized her for acting "inappropriate" and not living up to the set beauty standards.

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 5

At first, Ms. Lucy Maino's "hip shaking" dance video was only posted on her personal page. After that, many people flooded the comments to criticize and share more on other social networking sites.

Some opinions say that as a beauty queen and a role model, Ms. Lucy Maino's actions are inappropriate. For them, dancing seductively and posting them on social networks is inappropriate. acceptable.

Following online uproar, the Miss Pacific Islands PNG (MPIP PNG) Pageant Committee canceled Maino's role as cultural ambassador representing the country.

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 6

A representative of the organizing committee of Miss Papua New Guinea said: "Our core goal is to give strength to women. We created a unique beauty contest to promote heritage values." cultural assets, traditional values, promoting tourism and understanding the culture and people of Papua New Guinea.

The contest promotes moral values, confidence, dignity, and efforts to contribute to the community along with education and understanding."

Miss honoring the god of chastity was stripped of her crown for dancing with many men - Photo 7

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