Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linh's son, dressed lovingly like a married couple

Trí NhiMay 22, 2024 at 14:04

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Miss Phuong Le just had a post that caused a stir on the internet, she publicly expressed her feelings for the adopted son of late artist Vu Linh - Meritorious Artist Vu Luan, insisting on following Vu Luan, holding hands tightly to overcome the storm. , netizens commented like a married couple.

Recently, the adopted son of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh and Miss Phuong Le often had intimate interactions in events and on social networks that attracted attention. The two were enthusiastically supported by the people, and even the owner repeatedly openly confessed his feelings for the other half.

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 1

Accordingly, in a livestream, Phuong Le frankly criticized her ex-husband for not being subtle and not caring even though the two had 15 years together from the time they fell in love until the day they divorced. Meanwhile, Vu Luan and her were very fateful as they had just met but gave her her favorite fruit. With the support of the audience, Meritorious Artist Vu Luan posted a clip speaking up about the dating rumor with Phuong Le on his personal page. He said the two have known each other for nearly a year.

"We truly love each other, but with a kind and compassionate heart. Everyone has busy work, but we will arrange to go together on charity trips, sharing our love with everyone."

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 2

Meanwhile, beauty queen Phuong Le did not hide her feelings for the Cai Luong star. She said: "Actually, I can't say anything in advance. Everyone sees that Phuong Le and Luan are cute, so I hope everyone will follow the two brothers. Maybe it will be as everyone wishes. One thing is for sure. Phuong Le and Mr. Luan will hold hands tightly, aiming for the best and happiest things."

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 3

Previously, Phuong Le had livestreamed many times, affirming that she had idolized Vu Luan since she was very young: "I love Mr. Hai very much. I will definitely marry Mr. Hai as my second husband. If I can't marry Mr. Hai, I will definitely marry him." will not marry anyone".

Miss World Peace 2017 also revealed that if she married Vu Luan, she would host up to 1,000 tables to invite guests to celebrate. Recently, on her personal page, the beauty queen born in 1979 continued to share pictures of her "broken situation" with Vu Luan and wrote: " You said the road will have potholes. You said hold hands, hold hands Let's move forward together. Our journey is filled with love . If I hold your hand, even if there's a storm, I won't be afraid to say anything about potholes."

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 4

In particular, in the images that the queen shared, most of them were wearing couples' shirts, looking very youthful and happy. In each status, Phuong Le gives Meritorious Artist Vu Luan sweet words of love.

Vu Luan was born in 1972, the adopted son of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh. The male Cai Luong artist has had two unsuccessful love relationships. At the age of 52, he is still single. In addition to organizing and investing in many stage plays, Vu Luan currently carries out volunteer projects. He affirmed that he was willing to cancel the show to help people in difficult and unfortunate circumstances.

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 5

Miss Phuong Le was born in 1979, is from Tra Vinh and is known since w.inning the 1st runner-up a.ward in the World Vietnamese Entrepreneur 2016. In 2017, Phuong Le continued to win the highest position in the Miss Mrs. contest. World peace.

However, the Tra Vinh-born beauty receives a lot of public attention because of her luxurious and wealthy life with her ex-husband, a successful businessman. Phuong Le once shared that her husband gave her many luxury items. Most notably, she once boasted on social networks that her husband received a reward of 6 billion VND for losing 6kg and a bonus of 500,000 USD, equivalent to 12 billion, if she lost another 4 kg.

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 6

The queen admitted that after divorcing her rich husband, her life had many new things and she felt happy and satisfied with her current life. The Tra Vinh-born beauty also affirmed that she was ready to open her heart and receive a new relationship.

Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linhs son, dressed lovingly like a married couple - Photo 7

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