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Trinh Thang Binh continues to make the audience uncomfortable after being noisy with Hien Ho, still living with his old love

Anh Anh16:59:22 06/04/2023
Recently, Trinh Thang Binh has been entangled in a noisy online community criticized after close images with Hien Ho. Besides, the show of Hien Ho and Trinh Thang Binh was also canceled due to strong objections from the audience. Recently, netizens were stirred again by the clip...

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Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh

Mèo Con11:27:51 31/03/2023
In showbiz, there are many artists involved in scandals and boycotts. However, they still somehow exist in showbiz. There are also many close artists who, instead of agreeing with the boycott, still speak out to defend or act in support of the boycotted. And of course, they are...

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Lam Truong, Myra Tran were "spoiled" because of Hien Ho, showbiz no longer dared to relate to the female singer

Mèo Con16:48:13 30/03/2023
I thought that if I stayed hidden for a while, the audience would treat Hien Ho gently, but it turned out that she was wrong, until now netizens absolutely do not give her the opportunity to return to showbiz. On the afternoon of March 29, social networks stirred up information...

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Hien Ho officially received a bitter ending after the "reliable brothers" noise: Being boycotted for a whole month?

pipi11:24:34 21/12/2022
Although she used to cause outrage when she continuously expensive shows with extremely high salaries after the noisy sub-tams, but since the event was boycotted by students and the school canceled the show, Hien Ho is no longer invited to sing. as much as when they first came...

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Hien Ho is still waiting in line by fans, hugging and crying for encouragement after the noisy "brothers to rely on"

N.P14:39:49 13/09/2022
Hien Ho's return to showbiz with many controversies surprised many people when he still had a large loyal fan base, supporting her after the recent concussion scandal. After many months of "hiding" because of the noise of the minor tam, Hien Ho recently officially "re-appeared"...

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Hien Ho got into a scandal, Tran Duc Bo also "gets enough": 'Parents don't know how to teach children'

Nắng10:09:46 23/03/2022
In the midst of the unresolved drama of singer Hien Ho, another character who has nothing to do with it is also dragged into the internet ... that is the network disaster Tran Duc Bo. Recently, on his personal page, Tran Duc Bo posted a forum to express his frustration when he...

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