Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments

Hoàng AnhMar 26, 2022 at 13:31

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While the movie Dating in the Office is still storming the Korean film industry, episode 1 of Soundtrack #1 starring Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik also received a lot of positive responses from the audience. audiences.

Directed by the director of the blockbuster Vincenzo Kim Hee Won, the film starring two famous stars Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee was broadcast on the Disney platform on March 23.

Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments - Photo 1

Park Hyung Sik plays the frugal photographer Han Sun Woo and Han So Hee plays the outspoken lyricist Seo Eun Soo, two best friends of the opposite s.ex who have been together for 20 years and then go through different things together. Subtle change between love and friendship after 2 weeks of living together. Actor Park Hyung Sik has proven his class and acting skills through various works, in which he especially shines with the emotional genre. Han So Hee is no less competitive when she captivated the world with her almost flawless appearance and acting.

Opening Episode 1 of Soundtrack #1, the drama soon showed the audience the life problems revolving around the two characters and their relationship. Lyricist Lee Eun Soo is facing one of the biggest difficulties in her career when she can't write an honest song about unrequited love.

Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments - Photo 2

Coincidentally, her best friend of 20 years Sun Woo is also stuck in such a love affair, so Eun Soo will move in with her friend to live in the same house to solve work problems. On the first night, Eun Soo drank so much that she got drunk and fell asleep in the living room, but she refused to let go of her friend and hugged him tightly. The physical collision made Sun Woo feel "arrhythmic".

Not stopping there, the natural acting and smooth interaction of the main duo in episode 1 made viewers like me extremely excited. The way they care and take care of each other thoughtfully or the gentle but no less intimate and humorous conversations have helped the two actors look like one family.

Soundtrack #1 after airing was rated by the audience as simple, light and comfortable to watch. The two main actors, Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik, are also extremely beautiful and interact well with each other. Some comments from the audience:

"Both of them look like a newlywed couple, the chemistry is amazing."

"Han So Hee is so pretty, so is Park Hyung Sik. He's so handsome after losing weight."

"A gentle movie that gives a healing feeling. Watch it, it won't let you down."

Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments - Photo 3

Because the film takes on a musical theme, right from the first episode, the audience has the opportunity to listen to a series of impressive and extremely catchy tunes. Because to match the content, the work mainly uses gentle, sweet and joyful music and songs. The audience is also looking forward to the next episodes of Soundtrack #1.

Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments - Photo 4

Although Soundtrack #1 received a lot of praise in the first episode, the audience did not forget to support the unexpected and sweet new developments of Office Dating.

According to Naver, two episodes 7, 8 broadcast on March 21 and 22 caused a fever when there were "super sweet" kissing scenes of the characters in the movie. The supporting couple Jin Young Seo ( Seol In Ah) and Cha Sung Hoon ( Kim Min Jyu) have an intimate love scene and define the relationship with a sweet kiss. These two scenes are continuously shared by netizens on social networking platforms with interest.

Dating in the Office meets a formidable opponent, Soundtrack #1 has just been released to receive compliments - Photo 5

Nielsen Korea (the rating site for ratings on Korean stations) announced that episode 8 of "Workplace Dating" achieved an average nationwide rating of 10.8%, an increase of 0.9% compared to the previous episode. episode 7. In Seoul, the rating was 11.6%, there was a segment with a rating of 13.1%. The drama "Dating in the Office" continues to hold the No. 2 position in the chart of popular dramas of the week (3rd week of March).

It can be said that Korean love films always bring sweet and interesting experiences to the audience. So whether it's Soundtrack #1 or Office Dating, which are currently broadcasting or are rivals, the audience will happily support each other.

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