R.evealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang

Yang MiApr 29, 2022 at 19:58

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After 2 days of veteran actor Tang Giang's d.eath, the actor's daughter recently talked about the cause of her father's sudden departure.

On the afternoon of April 27, the news that Hoang Duoc Su "Hero of the Condor" 1983 Tang Giang died alone at the hotel shocked family, friends and colleagues.

After receiving the terrible news, many close friends and colleagues sent their condolences to the family of veteran actor Tang Giang and wished him in a new world of peace and luck as well as continuing to perform. passionate dedication to the arts.

Revealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang - Photo 1

In addition, actor Tang Giang's daughter and son-in-law rushed to the morgue to arrange for her father's post-mortem.

Recently, the daughter of the late actor Tang Giang also received an interview after confirming the problem with her father's b.ody, and for the first time publicly revealed the main reason for her father's d.eath. Accordingly, the late artist's daughter revealed the reason for her father's d.eath due to high b.lood pressure as well as old age disease. At the same time, the family side will not hold the hotel responsible! Because before that, the hotel side also did all the work that the hotel side did.

In addition, she also said that the father and son were still in contact with each other on a daily basis while the late artist was in quarantine at the guest house after returning from Singapore to Hong Kong.

Revealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang - Photo 2

Before that, her father also contacted her to say that the actor himself had chest pain the day before he died. At this point, she immediately asked someone to bring the medicine to her father. In addition, the late actor's family also contacted the hotel to bring food to Tang Giang's room.

Until the next day, she called her father but could not get through, the late actor's family contacted the hotel for help. When he went to Tang Giang's room, he discovered that the actor "Hero of the Condor" 1983 had passed away.

Revealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang - Photo 3

Also in the interview, she was very sad and said she was quite shocked when she heard that her father had died suddenly at the hotel. Besides, she also wants everyone to give her and her family some private time to take care of her father's funeral in the most complete way. After everything is done, the family will share more.

Tang Giang's daughter also thanked the media, friends, colleagues and the audience of her father for taking care of her father. She also hopes people can understand this matter slowly and remember the best aspect of the late actor Zeng Jiang's d.eath.

Currently, the official funeral of late actor Tang Giang is still being discussed by the family. So far, Mr. Tieu Giao's current wife has not appeared. It is known that she is currently grieving the passing of her husband.

Revealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang - Photo 4

According to HK01, before that, Tang Giang had to rely on hearing aids to live in recent years. Even the actor's granddaughter also said that Tang Giang had to take medicine regularly due to high b.lood pressure and was assisted by the victim to travel. Not only that, in recent months, there was news that the veteran actor was secretly hospitalized because of illness.

In addition, in an interview, veteran actor Tang Giang also frankly admitted that although he is getting older, has illnesses, has difficulty walking and has poor hearing, he still doesn't want to retire and hopes to retire. want to devote to Hong Kong cinema. Therefore, in recent years, Tang Giang still works diligently.

Revealing the cause of d.eath of actor 'Condor Heroes' Tang Giang - Photo 5

In addition, Tang Giang also talked about life and d.eath in an interview with the media before his d.eath, he just hoped that he would not leave too many regrets, as well as not want to suffer from illness. Summer. His wish before his d.eath was to spend all his assets and said that he would not leave his m.oney to his children, and hoped that the children would have their own way of life in the future.

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