Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house

Hoàng PhúcJun 05, 2024 at 21:30

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Among the female actors of Taiwan's small screen, Han Du is a name known to a large number of Vietnamese audiences. Besides, her private love story has also made fans "lose appetite and sleep".

Han Du was born on December 9, 1979 in Taipei. Grew up studying medicine and then became a nurse in obstetrics and gynecology, the biggest turning point was in 2001, accidentally discovered by Chau Du - a famous Taiwanese fabricator when Han Du went out to eat with her mother and sister on her mother's birthday. Since then, she has smoothly joined the entertainment industry.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 1

Chau Du and Han Du's relationship was initially very good. Chau Du also adopted Han Du, although she is a part-time actor, she was still signed a 7-year contract. After letting Han Du star in the first film "The Actor of King Qianlong" produced by herself, Chau Du gave the actress to Dan Thi for training and promotion.

Starting a business is quite favorable when constantly "catching the eye" of film producers, Han Du has had the opportunity to appear in classic Taiwanese films. Not only that, she is also often trusted to take on heavy roles. Possessing a beautiful appearance and good acting, she quickly became the "darling" of the stations. Han Du's career was also smooth until March 2006, when a dispute suddenly occurred between Han Du and Chau Du due to the issue of remuneration was so tense that they demanded to sue each other in court.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 2

Han Du said that Ms. Chau Du limited her activities, and divided the unreasonable remuneration of 3-7, while other actors were 5-5. Although at that time the remuneration that Dai Min Thi paid to Han Du was quite high, she still did not have enough m.oney, and Chau Du said that the actress applied for a monthly advance, so it had to be deducted from her salary.

Faced with that situation, although the contract had not expired, Dai Dan Thi had to mediate and liquidate the contract in mid-2007 with Han Du. Since then, the actress did not want the press to mention the word "adoptive mother" in front of her, and Chau Du said that this adopted son was ungrateful to her benefactor.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 3

Despite being involved in many controversies, Han Du still managed to make an impression on Vietnamese audiences through the long-running film "Parents' Hearts" (as Huynh Lei Loi / Duong Tieu Vi) in 2009 - 2010. Possessing a film fortune with many good works and impressive roles, each character that Han Du plays has its own color.

The career has been controversial, Han Du's emotional path has also been turbulent. Her longest love affair was with Ly Chinh Dinh. During the period of love, the actor took care of her very attentively, but in the end it was still predestined to be debt-free. Before dating, the two were not each other's first love. It is known that Han Du previously publicized his love relationship with actor Huynh Duy Duc. They have known each other since filming the movie Phi Long At Thien (2001), then broke up quietly and kept their relationship as brothers.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 4

In 2004, when cooperating in the film Fadeable First Love, Ly Chinh Dinh had his eyes on Han Du. The relationship was not public, but the couple was caught dating by the press. It is known that in this relationship, Han Du originally did not intend to get married because she did not trust life after the wedding (because her parents divorced, her father quickly married a new wife and severed relations with Han Du's family).

Moreover, Han Du once went for a medical examination and the doctor said that her b.ody was too cold and it was very difficult to get pregnant. Although Ly Chinh Dinh didn't care about this, he still loved and cared for her very much, but the two were too young at that time, so they didn't want to get married soon.

In 2010, Han Du collaborated with Luu Chi Han in the movie Parents' Hearts, sparking rumors of "fake love movies". While Liu Zhihan's wife defended Han Du and her husband, Li Zhengding in an interview said: "I also have many doubts in my heart, a difficult word to say, we haven't seen each other for several months..." and finally the two broke up in August 2010.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 5

At this time, many people threw stones at Han Du when they thought that she caught fish with 2 hands, but this was not the case. When Han Du was rumored to have a fake love affair with Luu Chi Han, Ly Chinh Dinh was suspicious and jealous, he even set a condition that when she got married, she could no longer act. That is also the reason for this couple's breakup. Later, Han Du and Ly Chinh Dinh were considered completely c.ut o.ff, unable to be friends, nor did they want to cooperate with each other in films anymore.

Just 1 month later, she started a new relationship with Ton Hiep Chi. The two used to have a lot of love problems, but they went unexpectedly smoothly. Sun Hiep Chi's mother didn't like her son's ex-girlfriends at all, but she especially liked Han Du, perhaps the same family was also one of the reasons why they bonded. Because Sun Hiep Chi has never known his father, and Han Du has not been with his biological father since he divorced his mother in 2006.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 6

After 1 year of getting to know Han Du was touched by Ton Hiep Zhi's sincerity and accepted the marriage proposal right at the cinema, the two went to get married and after half a year they had a celebration party to invite friends to have fun. The marriage seemed to be very happy after 4 sweet years, suddenly in October 2015.

After Ton Hiep Chi and Han Du divorced, the reason why their love came to an end was revealed. According to Ton Hiep Chi's friends and relatives, Han Du was exposed by paparazzi to have a shady relationship with Huynh Shao Ky.

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 7

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 8

At that time, Ton Hiep Chi was not surprised because he knew the story early, his former manager - Mr. Ton Duc Vinh also confirmed that the divorce was actively proposed by Han Du, and also said: "Sagittarius constellation (only Han Du) once the words have been spoken, there is no way back." Not only that, Ton Hiep Zhi's relatives also said: "Ton Hiep Chi was almost kicked out of the house."

Han Du: An overseas Taiwanese woman was accused of a.dultery, and even kicked her husband out of the house - Photo 9

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