Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world

Hoàng AnhOct 22, 2022 at 09:45

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It seems that the continuous bad luck because the co-star was locked up and the constant being surpassed by many film projects of the juniors caused Yangtze's position to enter a period of crisis.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 1

Yangtze is one of the female traffic peaks that is receiving the most attention today. Possessing beautiful beauty, good acting and a large number of fans help her to be in the top female stars who can carry movies of Cbiz. Recently, it was reported that this 9x flower g.irl is being competed for resources by a witch.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 2

Specifically, online is now spreading information that Duong Tu and Cung Tuan are discussing for the main role in the film adaptation of Seven Thanh Hung Gian. Having a famous original, thrilling plot, she is highly expected to play the female lead in this drama. However, it seems that the female witch - Luu Hao Ton is also aiming for the female lead role in this project.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 3

The blogger posted that Luu Hao Ton was trying to get the main role in Seven Thanh Hung Gian. Her goal is to use her acting in this movie to whiten public opinion. Before that, Luu Hao Ton had to receive countless stones because of heat brush, low EQ and backing... Despite being a new name in Cbiz, but this 9x witch is considered to have beautiful beauty. Beautiful, natural acting.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 4

There is an opinion that, if Luu Hao Cun wins this role, it proves that Yangtze's status has somewhat decreased. In fact, although the traffic is still very high, in the last 2 years she has not had a successful movie. From Female Psychiatrist, Du Sinh Please Teach More to Agarwood and Huong Phai, all of them were unpopular with viewers.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 5

Meanwhile, recently, Luu Hao Ton has been very popular with the public thanks to his participation in the movie "Ly Tam Luc" with Lam Nhat. From behind-the-scenes photos, the 9x female star is said to have a very good couple with her co-star. Ly Tam Luc is also expected to be a big movie when it airs.

Currently, netizens are extremely expecting official information from the film crew of Seven Thanh Hung Gian.

Besides the Seven Thanh Hung Gian project, recently there has been a lot of information that Duong Tu's next project, Love 199, will have a relationship with "lover" Trieu Lo Tu - Tran Triet Vien.

This information quickly attracted public opinion and caused people to sell credit and sell doubt. Even many people think that the beauty of the Duong family is a famous flower, so it is difficult to cooperate with a poor actor like Tran Triet Vien.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 6

However, on social networks, there are signs that Yangtze will close this project. Specifically, netizens constantly share photos introducing the heroine of Love 199.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 7

At the same time, some people believe that the image of the main female character is a drawing of Yangtze. Therefore, it is highly likely that the actress will join the filming crew next month.

However, information about the male lead of Love 199 is still a big question. Although there are rumors that Tran Triet Vien will join the movie, there is no sign that this can happen.

Before that, there were rumors on the internet that female stars had more than 50 million followers on Weibo and had just set up a company to urgently pay taxes. After that, netizens called Yang Zi's name because she suspected she had signs of tax evasion.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 8

Many people also think that this incident may affect the career of the actress. However, if Yangtze really participates in Love 199, she can dispel the bad rumors that appear on social networks.

According to research, Love 199 belongs to the modern film series, taking the theme of honoring the times and warming people's hearts. In it, the female lead is an intelligent, rational and determined journalist. On the contrary, the male lead is an extremely good international student in the design industry.

The work is expected to start production in November and will be produced in 4 months. Some sources also revealed that this project is invested by Du Lac Lac company and directed by director Nguu Sieu.

Yangtze is losing more and more status and is no longer respected in the world - Photo 9

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