Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husband's "dirty tricks" and decided to gain custody of her daughter

Đông NguyênMar 19, 2024 at 11:01

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Duong Mich and her ex-husband Luu Khai Uy have a daughter together. Currently, she is living with her father and grandfather in Hong Kong. However, Duong Mich spoke up and demanded custody of her c.hild after many times of "taking advantage" of her daughter from her ex-husband's family.

Since divorcing Luu Khai Uy, Duong Mich has been labeled as a woman "hungry for m.oney, greed for fame and fortune" who only cares about her career and ignores family and children. However, in reality, few people know that when Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy broke up, they both agreed that their daughter would be cared for and raised by her parents. As for Duong Mich, because from falling in love to getting married to having children, she was basically very busy. After breaking up, she became even busier, so she decided to temporarily leave her daughter in Luu Khai Uy's care.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 1

According to many sources from Chinese media, Duong Mich's parents are always willing to take their granddaughter to Beijing to care for and raise her. Because after all, in Beijing, at least Tieu Gao Nep (the real secret name of Duong Mich's daughter) - is closer to Duong Mich's mother than Hong Kong. This way, Duong Mich's parents can also take care of their grandchild and Duong Mich can also see her c.hild when she returns home.

In addition, if living in Beijing, Tieu Gao Nep will have good conditions to develop academically. Duong Mich can also participate in the entire process of growing up and educating her daughter.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 2

However, Mr. Liu Dan - Luu Khai Uy's father, firmly opposed. Initially, Mr. Liu Dan gave the reason because the c.hild was too young to adapt to the living environment in Beijing. Furthermore, sending his grandson to Beijing to live with his mother will make it more difficult for his son, Liu Kaiwei, to see his daughter regularly. Of course, the reasons given by Mr. Liu Dan gradually caused the original separation agreement between Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy to become a piece of waste paper. Since then, Duong Mich has been constantly criticized and is known for neglecting her daughter while her ex-husband took care of her.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 3

Some say that even though grandfather and granddaughter are many generations apart, Liu Dan still always carries Tieu Gao Nep with him. Not letting her niece go to Beijing is also reasonable. But what bothers many Duong Mich fans is that since then, Luu Dan seems to be deliberately increasing media attention for himself and his son Liu Kaiwei by often intentionally sharing pictures. by Tieu Gao Nep. And every time he is interviewed by the media, Mr. Liu Dan often has many hidden criticisms of Duong Mich. Every time Mr. Liu Dan shares about his niece, Duong Mich receives a lot of criticism from netizens.

Remember in a festival interview not long ago, Mr. Liu Dan was asked if his niece Tieu Gao Nep and his ex-in-law Duong Mich had plans to arrange to meet each other, the veteran actor seemed indifferent. said: "There are no arrangements." The media asked if Tieu Gao Nep wanted to meet Duong Mich's mother, and Liu Dan also said he didn't know. Liu Dan's answer made many people feel like he was implying that Duong Mich was someone who did not love and care about his daughter. However, some netizens also said that, in fact, compared to Luu Khai Uy and his grandparents, Duong Mich loves his daughter very much. In the past, every time Duong Mich took her daughter out, she was careful not to let her face be photographed. When she discovered the paparazzi, Duong Mich's first reaction was to cover her daughter's face. She did everything to protect her children even though she was criticized over the years.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 4

On the contrary, Mr. Luu Dan and his son Luu Khai Uy always seem to deliberately want to make Tieu Gao Nep public, making her an object of attention, a topic of search with an increasing presence in the media. communication and social networks. The daily life in which Luu Khai Uy and Tieu Gao Nep were photographed is indeed very warm, but that doesn't mean Duong Mich and her daughter are not close. Perhaps because Duong Mich focuses so much on her daughter's privacy, she rarely appears publicly with her daughter to avoid being photographed. Therefore, the outside world always criticizes Duong Mich, feeling that she only cares about her career and not her children.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 5

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 6

Now Tieu Gao Nep has gotten used to life in Hong Kong. And the relationship between Luu Khai Uy and his daughter is getting deeper and deeper, which makes it even more difficult for Duong Mich to bring his daughter to Beijing in the future even though he really wants to.

Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husbands dirty tricks and decided to gain custody of her daughter - Photo 7

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