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Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husband's "dirty tricks" and decided to gain custody of her daughter

Đông Nguyên11:01:50 19/03/2024
Duong Mich and her ex-husband Luu Khai Uy have a daughter together. Currently, she is living with her father and grandfather in Hong Kong. However, Duong Mich spoke up to raise her c.hild after many times of taking advantage of her daughter from her ex-husband's family.

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Yang Kai was made difficult by her ex-husband's family, could not see her children, and the internal affairs of the divorce in the past were revealed?

Kim Lâm13:26:34 02/09/2023
Since Xiao Gao's birth, Yang Mo has been accused of neglecting and falling in love with his daughter. However, it was revealed that it turned out that Yang Mo was always made difficult by her ex-husband's family to see her children, and the actress was misunderstood for a long time.

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Yang Kai implied "obsession" after marriage to Liu Kaiwei, declaring a sour sentence on the day of his d.eath

Uyển Đình11:23:06 24/08/2023
Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mo used to be famous lovers of the Chinese-language entertainment industry before they decided to divorce at the end of 2018. 5 years since the divorce, while Liu Kaiwei looked for a new shoulder, Yang Mo was engrossed in pursuing his career.

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Yang Mo spent nearly 2000 billion just to win custody of her children from her ex-husband Liu Kaiwei

Juni Nguyễn07:33:41 09/08/2023
After it was reported that Yang Mo was completing custody procedures, Hong Kong media recently revealed that in order to get custody, the actress had to spend more than 540 million yuan in exchange for her daughter.

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Yang Kai won custody of the children from her ex-husband only because Liu Kaiwei was engrossed in her new love

Yaya08:03:25 06/08/2023
After a long struggle to win custody of the children from her ex-husband's family, Yang Kai finally took back custody of the children from Liu Kaiwei. Currently, the two are also completing the procedure for Xiao Gao Glutinous to transfer back to study in Beijing.

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Duong Mi was suddenly advised by her ex-father-in-law to remarry Luu Khai Uy, the reason why many people broke

Kim Lâm16:16:42 22/06/2023
Netizens of China were quite surprised recently when Luu Dan - Luu Khai Uy's father suddenly expressed his desire for his son to reunite with Duong Mich. This action of his in front of the media made many people confused and discussed a lot on social networks.

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Luu Khai Uy and his ex-wife were exposed to the terms of the child-rearing contract, netizens felt sorry for Duong Mich

Thư Kỳ10:18:59 03/06/2023
Instead of always loudly and openly next to her little daughter like Luu Khai Uy's family, Duong Mich always silently loves and protects her daughter in her own way, despite the public's misunderstanding and condemnation. On June 1, it was also the 9th birthday of Duong Mich's...

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New love Luu Khai Uy causes war with Duong Mich, wants to be a stepmother, decides to stop her seniors from gaining custody of her children?

Thảo Mai13:55:43 04/05/2023
The relationship between Duong Mich and her ex-husband Luu Khai Uy continues to "make waves" on social networks in recent times. It became tense when rumors appeared that Ly Hieu Phong caused difficulties and wanted to be the stepmother of Tieu Rice Sticks. According to the...

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Duong Mich blesses Luu Khai Uy with a new person, his wish for his daughter is touching

JLO14:07:52 30/04/2023
After the divorce from Luu Khai Uy, Duong Mich became more and more obsessed with his career. It seems that she knows her feelings for Luu Khai Uy will never return to the original, even if she opens her heart, the two will not turn back, so the actress has chosen to put work...

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Luu Khai Uy's girlfriend is pregnant, Duong Mich immediately regains custody of children from her ex-husband's family?

Hoàng Phúc07:47:31 22/03/2023
In recent days, the media suddenly reported that Luu Khai Uy's girlfriend, Ly Hieu Phong, is 2 months pregnant. People also speculated that the actor would quickly organize a wedding before the beauty revealed a too large pregnant belly. Recently, the media suddenly reported...

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Luu Khai Uy was angry when his daughter said that her lover was like a b.oy, Duong Mich got angry and demanded custody of the c.hild

Thư Kỳ12:24:02 21/12/2022
After publicizing their love, Luu Khai Uy and Ly Hieu Phong often appeared hand in hand together in public as well as on social networks, attracting everyone's attention. Although he has been active in art for a long time and has participated in many film projects, the name Ly...

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Criticized as an "irresponsible mother", Duong Mich has a move to want to regain custody of her children?

N.P09:41:21 05/09/2022
The latest information about Duong Mich's daughter - Little Rice Sticky Rice makes many people question whether the actress will regain custody of her children. On September 4, Hong Kong media reported that the daughter of Luu Khai Uy and Duong Mi, Tieu Gao Glutinous Rice, might...

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Yang Mi silently did many things for her children but was still rejected and mocked by the audience

Nắng09:20:55 09/08/2022
Few people know that Duong Mich left all his assets to Luu Khai Uy when he first announced the emotional rift. Not stopping there, actress Cung Toa Tam Ngoc also gave her ex-husband the couple's common property during the time the two were still together, worth up to 120 million...

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Duong Mich is angry because Luu Khai Uy revealed his daughter's face, secretly about Hong Kong to gain custody of the c.hild?

An Nhi10:56:08 17/06/2022
Duong Mi is a private person who does not want to r.eveal her daughter Tieu Nhu Me's face in public for fear of affecting her development. Therefore, Luu Khai Uy's work made her "little flower" very angry. After the divorce, news related to the couple Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy...

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Luu Khai Uy caused a stir with the image of Duong Mich returning to his hometown because he regretted his ex-wife?

An Nhi10:42:16 23/03/2022
In the latest vlog of Luu Khai Uy, many people can't help but guess at the actor's mood when he returns to Duong Mich's hometown. Luu Khai Uy and Duong Mich decided to divorce in 2018, ending a 6-year marriage with many controversies and scandals. Many people regret the love of...

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Luu Khai Uy offered to take his daughter to the place where Duong Mich lived but was harshly rejected because of this?

An Nhi11:39:36 31/01/2022
After the divorce, the information related to Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy still attracts the attention of netizens. After Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy divorced, there were countless rumors on social networks related to the division of property and c.hild custody between the couple...

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