Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh 'torment': 'Heaven has eyes'

Juni NguyễnAug 24, 2023 at 14:29

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Faced with the news that Yang Mo accepted to exchange m.oney, gave more than 500 million yuan to her husband's family just for the purpose of regaining custody of the c.hild from Liu Kaiwei's family, taking care of the c.hild by himself.

In early August, according to Sohu, a source revealed that Yang Mi's frequent visits to Hong Kong in recent times were to complete custody proceedings. And as a result, the "Three Generations of Peach Flowers" actress succeeded in w.inning custody of the children from her ex-husband's side.

According to Hong Kong media, the main reason she won custody of her children was because the "Three Generations of Ten Li Peach Flowers" actress gave her husband 540 million yuan (more than 1777 billion).

Even Yang Kai had completed all the procedures to send Xiao Gao's daughter to study in Beijing. The actress and her little princess will return to Beijing in September so that Xiao Rice Glutinous can attend school.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 1

However, at that time, Yang Kai's side as well as Liu Kaiwei's ex-husband's side had not responded to this information, but recently, Liu Kaiwei's father, Liu Kaiwei's father, denied it.

Accordingly, veteran actor Liu Dan said: "I don't want to talk about family, there are many in the newspapers", "Personally, I don't like to talk about family stories, in short, there is no such thing. Whatever people do to the heavens, they will all be arranged by the heavens."

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 2

Liu Dan's response caused a stir. Many netizens expressed that actor Liu Dan took out Yang Mo and his niece Xiao Gao Glutinous all the time to attract the media and always dragged them into his interview.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about family in the newspapers a lot. Some meals were ex-daughters-in-law, grandchildren. I'm afraid that people don't know what I'm doing, hearing that sentence is ridiculous", "Dinner chips dragged Yang Mu and Xiao Gao Glutinous to speak, let the children go to heaven alone", "Heaven has eyes, so stop dragging others to talk. It is true that people who talk about morality often do not come out", ...Some pressing opinions of the online community.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 3

Yang Mo and Liu Kaiwei used to be a beautiful couple of Cbiz. The two got married in early 2013 and had a lovely princess Xiao Gao Glutinous together, but in the end, the couple Yang Mo and Liu Kaiwei both "went their separate ways". The incident left many regrets for fans. However, after the divorce, the two gradually took on separate lives.

After the divorce, Yang Kai's work schedule became more and more dense, and his beauty became more and more advanced, while Liu Kaiwei remained silent and did not make any moves on art projects.

It wasn't until recently that Liu Kaiwei openly dated Li Xiaofeng. There were even reports that Liu Kaiwei was about to do it three times two.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 4

Divorced for 5 years, Yang Kai and Liu Kaiwei now both have their own lives. However, these 2 names still appear many times together in the media, and mainly related topics are about the daughter Xiao Rice Glutinous.

In addition, earlier, it was reported that in the divorce agreement contract between Yang Mo and Liu Kaiwei, there was a clause if the two had agreed that if actor Liu Kaiwei wanted to marry someone else and have children, the actor would hand over custody of Xiao Gao's daughter to his ex-wife.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 5

In addition, earlier, Liu Dan, Yang Mi's ex-father-in-law, suddenly expressed his desire for his son to reunite with Yang Mi. The reason is because Xiao Rice Glutinous is in danger of depression, and secretly cries every day because he misses his mother.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 6

Because he loved his niece so much, Liu Dan wanted Xiao Gao to have a family full of both parents. The health condition of Yang Mu and Liu Kaiwei's daughters made many people worried. However, the fact that Liu Dan once again mentioned the name of his former daughter-in-law, expressing her desire for the actress to reunite with her son after 5 years of divorce is becoming a topic of discussion causing a stir.

Yang Mo spent 2000 billion to win custody of children from Liu Kaiwei, Liu Dan had a harsh torment: Heaven has eyes - Photo 7

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