Duong Duong is too "pathetic", the famous four great peaks are now far behind the "mobile vase" AngelaBaby

Nguyễn KimJul 25, 2023 at 13:39

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My Fireworks of the World is currently one of the most controversial films because of the acting of the main actor and the plot of the film. Because of being criticized so fiercely, Duong Duong's reputation also plummeted without stopping.

Duong Duong was originally one of the four great peaks of Cbiz. With a large fan base, the actor continuously receives many high IP scripts and quality agency contracts. However, it seems that this year, Duong Duong's career is constantly facing many bad luck.

Not long ago, Duong Duong officially re-appeared to the small screen with My Fireworks of the World in collaboration with Vuong Chu Nhien. Initially, the film received great support from the audience, but later on, the audience was more and more disappointed. Not only the script, the way to build the character but also the acting of the male lead Duong Duong is also underrated.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 1

Accordingly, the cooperation project with him and Vuong So Nhien was only rated 4.1 points on Douban with more than 51% of 1-star reviews. It can be said that this was a failure that greatly affected Duong Duong's reputation. Notably, recently the movie Tran Duyen starring Angelababy and Ma Thien Vu has officially opened the Douban point. The film is rated 4.5 points with more than 8,700 participants.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 2

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 3

According to this result, it can be seen that Duong Duong was defeated by AngelaBaby - a famous beauty who is the "mobile vase" of the Chinese film industry.

Although Angelababy's Tran Duyen has a low score, it is still enough to surpass Duong Duong. Earlier at the time of the broadcast, the film project of her and Ma Thien Vu did not attract the attention of the audience. The film even ended in silence without creating any "ripples". There is an opinion that Tran Duyen's Douban score is better than My World Fireworks because the film has few participants in the evaluation.

- I didn't expect that one day Duong Duong would be surpassed by Angelababy in acting.

- The script and acting of My World Fireworks all have problems, the male lead loses to both male and female characters, that's enough to understand.

- More than 51% worth 1 star is definitely a movie not to watch, record low score.

Recently, My World Fireworks was also reported by a Chinese radio station about the scene where the male and female lead improperly used a fire extinguisher in the movie. This is also the scene that has been criticized on film forums in recent times. Many people believe that the male lead is a firefighter, but carelessly using a fire extinguisher is unacceptable. This can lead to many consequences for society in the future.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 4

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 5

It can be seen that the script has many "stones", the absurdity is the main reason why the film is "stoned". This is indeed the wrong move of Duong Duong this year.

In My Fireworks of the World, Duong Duong, although taking on the male lead role, was criticized as not as good as the male supporting character, Wei Dai Huan. From character building to acting, Tong Diem is far behind by Manh Yen Than. As a result in My World Fireworks, Wei Dai Huan broke out of the circle while Duong Duong received countless criticisms from the public.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 6

It can be said that this is the first time Duong Duong has been criticized for her appearance. Despite having the most beautiful face in Cbiz, Duong Duong was "peeled" for his b.ody proportions. In My Fireworks of the World, when standing alone, the actor looks very good, but when standing next to Vuong So Nhien, the height of the two is not too different, making the feeling of the couple less or less.

In addition to being criticized for his b.ody shape, stiff face and expression, the actor's limitations also became the focus of netizens' attacks. Duong Duong was commented on as "greasy", trying to be handsome, on par with Truong Han in the disaster film Gentlemen of the East Bat Area. Moreover, it seems that the actor is very complacent about his appearance, many times in interviews asserting that his strong point is his beauty that makes the audience bored.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 7

It seems that this is another disappointing film of Duong Duong. Netizens can't help but exclaim because the top streamers like Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Duong Duong, and Duong Mich have all faced many disadvantages in their careers in recent years.

Duong Duong is too pathetic, the famous four great peaks are now far behind the mobile vase AngelaBaby - Photo 8

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