Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang

Hoàng AnhJun 16, 2022 at 21:05

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The land of Xinjiang is famous for being the birthplace of many famous Chinese beauties. The most typical thing to mention is Dich Le Nhiet Ba. With a delicate face, big deep eyes, and a high nose bridge like a hybrid, Dilraba is known by fans as "Snow Flower Xinjiang".

However, this title of the beauty is in danger of being usurped by an emerging actor, making Dilraba's fans extremely bewildered.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 1

It is known that this emerging actor, named Gia Nai, is currently very interested in the work "Great tyranny of 2022" Mong Hoa Luc as Truong Hao Hao. Although only taking on a supporting role with a relatively short broadcast time, but with such a beautiful beauty, the audience couldn't help but search.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 2

In the film, Truong Hao Hao is described as both beautiful and talented. Every time she paraded, the people followed her with cheers of admiration.

Thanks to being praised, Truong Hao Hao has an arrogant, flirty personality. She was always anxious and afraid that one day she would lose her position in the capital.

Trang Sohu commented that director Duong Duong was subtle when choosing Gia Nai to take on Truong Hao Hao. The actress shows the character's personality well: haughty, sharp but also understands morality, knows how to defend the weak.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 3

Gia Nai's image is also praised for being suitable for the character. Her costumes and makeup are more invested than the female stars of the film. On Bilibili, the audience commented: "Truong Hao Hao is gorgeous, charming but has a strong personality, I really like this character", "The female lead and supporting part of the film are all beautiful, natural performances. Hao appeared on horseback and overwhelmed me."

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 4

It is known that the Gen Z actress from the land of Xinjiang is famous for the talented beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry. Many people also predict that with this outdoor look, in the near future, the beautiful people born in 2002 will also usurp the seniors like Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Dong Le A, ... becoming a beauty symbol of the land. this western part of China.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 5

From a young age, Gia Nai showed a passion and predestined relationship with art when many times she was chosen by the school to be the host of major events. In particular, Gia Nai used to be the face of a promotional video about the high school she attended

The 10x actress is a relatively new element of Cbiz. She easily impresses the opposite person because of her cold beauty.

Like her seniors from Xinjiang, the beautiful Uighur has a delicate face with a Western-styled face. In particular, her talking eyes and high nose "eat money" also contribute to the 20-year-old beauty's ravishing photo shoots.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 6

In addition to her outstanding beauty, this Gen Z beauty also has a slim and slim b.ody that is not inferior to any cult model. In particular, the beauty born in 2002 also has smooth white skin, which, when combined with a somewhat cold charisma, helps "Truong Hao Hao" occupy the spotlight among the crowd. With an ideal height of 1m68, Gia Nai is expected to become a name that "storms" the Cbiz fashion village like her senior Co Luc Na Trat.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 7

Currently, in addition to the broadcast of Dreams of China, this Genz beauty also has another work waiting to be broadcast, which is Xuan Khue Mong Ly Nhan collaborating with Peng Tieu Ran and Dinh Vu He, she will play the supporting woman Wen Wan - Thanh Mai Truc Ma and also one of the three wives of the male lead Ninh Ngoc Hien (played by Dinh Vu He). The audience is extremely excited to look forward to the colorful show of beautiful boys and girls in this work.

People still often praise the beauty of girls from Xinjiang "not average". In recent years, many beauties in this land have joined the entertainment industry more and more and everyone has become famous. It can be seen that their beautiful beauty is partly a "stepping stone" for each person to advance in their career. Despite being "endowed" with beautiful looks, these beauties still make every effort every day, promoting their forte to build a brand as well as create an "empire" of the land. the vast steppe of western China.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is in danger of being usurped by his compatriots Hoa Tuyet Xinjiang - Photo 8

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