Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son?

JLOJun 24, 2024 at 21:37

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After revealing the gender of her fourth b.aby, causing many people to believe that she was pregnant with a b.oy, Doan Di Bang caused confusion when she announced that she was about to have her tycoon husband sterilized.

Specifically, recently, the female tycoon of District 7 also posted a video revealing more about the IVF process of her husband, businessman Quoc Vu, so that mothers can more easily visualize this entire process.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 1

At the beginning of the shared video, Doan Di Bang said: "Up to now, when Bang goes to groups or watches clips about the IVF (in vitro fertilization) journey on TikTok, Bang realizes that most people only Talking about their own process such as egg induction and egg retrieval, few people share about the husband's IVF journey. But this is a very important and interesting part, because the success of IVF also depends on the husband If my egg is good but my husband's is not good, it will not be possible to form an embryo.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 2

She continued: "The first day he went to see the doctor, Bang had to check eggs, cervix, AMH indicators and many other tests. At the same time, Mr. Vu also had to have s.emen taken. He thought it was the first time. Just checking for Bang, he didn't expect to be asked to take s.emen immediately, making him confused and ask the nurse, 'Do we have to take it today too?'. He thought it was only when he was sick The hospital must take it".

Hearing this, Doan Di Bang's husband was extremely confused. Realizing that, the nurse suggested that if he could not do it himself, she would call Doan Di Bang for assistance. However, businessman Quoc Vu refused and said: "Let me do it myself. If it doesn't work, I will ask her for help, but now call her down and scold me."

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 3

Finally, after 20 minutes, Doan Di Bang's husband completed the task excellently. He carefully checked the s.emen jar to make sure there was no mistake, and then he gave it directly to the doctor's assistant for peace of mind.

After receiving the test results, the doctor told Mr. Vu that his quality was very good as he only needed 30 million birds to meet the standards. However, the results showed that he had up to 170 million children.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 4

Sharing about this, Doan Di Bang humorously said: "But you know, my children jump like c.razy, they jump like this, I looked through a microscope and they jump like this, they make sounds like "" Catch me, catch me", everyone wants to be caught, I admit Vu is really good".

She also did not forget to tease her husband, saying: "In general, your father is still giving birth very well, so after this trip, I will have him sterilized."

Previously, she had insisted that she would not have more children, that 3 daughters were enough, so this made many people even discuss the decision to do IVF.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 5

When asked if she wanted to have a son, Doan Di Bang once confided: "Actually, Bang always dreamed of giving birth to 5 girls. After Bing Bing, Bang went to the hospital to receive advice on artificial insemination of twins. However, the doctor refused to give birth to 2 girls. Afterwards, she got pregnant naturally, but unfortunately the embryos were damaged and there was no fetal heart, so Bang had to abort the babies.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 6

Since then, Bang has given up the idea of getting pregnant again because she is afraid it will happen again. Bang thinks 3 children are enough. Currently, neither Bang nor her husband have the idea of having a son. Even more so, the grandparents on both sides don't. Bang feels lucky to have 3 daughters."

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 7

However, at the present time, at the age of 35, the rich woman wants to give herself the opportunity to become a mother. And when he was attacked by public opinion, saying it was just because he was greedy for his son, Doan Di Bang spoke up directly.

Doan Di Bang explained that some people think that doctors can choose the gender from the beginning, but in reality, the gender can only be determined after creating an embryo and doing screening and analysis on the b.ody. genes and chromosomes. Currently, her whole family is anxiously waiting for June 31 to hold a party to announce whether the b.aby looks like his father or mother.

Doan Di Bang had her husband sterilized, people suspected that she was pregnant with a son? - Photo 8

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