Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law

Nam PhươngOct 23, 2022 at 18:14

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In a happy moment, Miss Do My Linh gave a sweet kiss to her husband. However, fans also think that if businessman Do Vinh Quang edited this detail, it would be more perfect.

After the engagement ceremony was held warmly on October 17. On the afternoon of 23/30, the bride procession of Miss Do My Linh and businessman Do Vinh Quang officially took place. Both grew up in a family rich in tradition, so both sides of the family aim for sophistication but no less luxury. In the evening of the same day, the couple will participate in a reception party at a wedding center located on Chuong Duong Do Street, Chuong Duong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 1

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 2

According to research, the wedding of Miss Do My Linh and the President of Hanoi FC will be held in an intimate and private space under the witness and blessing of family, relatives, friends and officials. employee of T&T Group, SHB Bank.

Around 1 pm, Do My Linh was picked up by a businessman with a Rolls-Royce Phantom supercar worth 83 billion. The outside is protected by bodyguards, carefully shielded by purple umbrellas. Recently, some moments at the bride's house were revealed. In the sacred moment, Miss Vietnam 2016 could not hide her emotions. Do My Linh today is dapper in a long dress with lotus petals, letting her hair down gently. Groom Vinh Quang is dashing again with a gentleman's suit. Notably, the photo of Do My Linh giving her husband a sweet kiss was shared widely by netizens.

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 3

In addition to compliments with scenes, fans also expressed their opinions about the small shortcomings of the president of Hanoi FC. In front of the camera, the groom born in 1995 smiled warmly. Netizens think that, if only Do Vinh Quang had straightened his teeth, or straightened his braces, perhaps everything would be more complete. Especially when standing next to his wife Do My Linh, the queen is famous for the delicate beauty of Vietnamese showbiz. However, some other opinions also believe that the groom is not active in the entertainment industry. Appearance is not a top priority.

Entering the proud family, fans can't help but worry about Do My Linh. However, the original pink shadow of the capital confirmed that young master Vinh Quang did not ban his career. In addition to artistic activities, Do My Linh revealed that she still pursues her passion to become a professional editor. The change in fashion style from s.exy to discreet also comes from the self, not from any external influences.

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 4

Before the wedding ceremony, husband Do Quang Vinh also had a very sweet message to his sister-in-law. Young master of the house, Hien, expressed his admiration for the beautiful love of the two children and affirmed that he will always support the couple. Husband Do My Linh also commented that long legs are a gentle wife, a good daughter-in-law of her brother. Only a small detail shows how the former Miss Vietnam is loved by a handsome family.

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 5

"Loving a person and especially to marry someone is a very sacred and emotional thing. If to make selection criteria, each person has different criteria, but for me, the most important thing is to find it. suitable person.

Congratulations to my brother, Do Vinh Quang, because you have found the right person, who can understand, share and sympathize, a good wife.

Witnessing our beautiful love from the first day, through the most special moments, I really admire and proud.

Only a few hours left until the most sacred moment, I wish my two beloved sisters, Quang and Linh, a hundred years of happiness.

You will always be a companion to nurture our beautiful little family. Love you", messages from Do Quang Vinh.

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 6

Do My Linh and the president of Hanoi Club have two years of secret acquaintance. The couple found harmony in their lifestyles as well as working attitudes. Commenting on her future husband, Miss shared: "He is an emotional person. I see how he treats his mother and relatives very thoughtfully and thoughtfully. With friends and people around, he is sincere. Sincere, enthusiastic. Those are enough for me to feel safe and at peace when I'm with him. I hope next time I become a part of his family.

During the two years of dating, we have many happy memories together. He didn't make me worry or upset about anything. Maybe I'm lucky to have met him - a warm, caring man."

Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law - Photo 7

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