Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention

Tuyết NgọcApr 03, 2024 at 07:33

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The MixiGaming YouTube channel with more than 7.3 million subscribers of Mixi Degree - one of the "four streamer kings" has now been hacked and hidden the entire video. The audience even changed their profile pictures and livestreamed cryptocurrency ads.

On the morning of April 2, popular male streamer Mixi said his YouTube channel had been hacked. This information immediately attracted interest in the community group with more than 3.1 million members.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 1

Not only that, but Mixi also said that the hacker after obtaining a YouTube channel of more than 7.3 million subs immediately livestreamed to promote the cryptocurrency. He added that, despite changing his name, he still attracted more than 90k viewers online at 7am on the same day.

In the content of the live video, hackers have attached a link to entice people to buy X coins. According to experts, this is a link containing malicious code to steal user information.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 2

Currently, all videos, photos and banners on the channel have been hidden or changed to new images to promote the virtual currency. By this time, the two live streaming videos had ended with over 320,000 total views.

It is known that Mixi is looking to contact the YouTube networks he joins for assistance in reclaiming the channel. This is an important move to coordinate processing, authenticate channel ownership and increase the likelihood of reclaiming channels.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 3

As of noon on April 2, Mixi's YouTube channel with 7.31 million followers was still being taken over by hackers. Notably, before the channel was hacked, the male streamer used to livestream to joke that "I no longer see hacking my YouTube and Facebook channels, by the way, I also introduced a few friends with expertise in Facebook security".

According to a security expert, the hacking of Mixi's YouTube channel can come from the negligence of the account owner or the person granted management rights when the computer installs some unlicensed game software, then through c.racking tools causes the device to be infected with malicious code.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 4

"Mixi often livestreams some new games, so it can be infected with malicious code. Or hackers steal account information through email or text messages. If hackers accidentally enter personal information into fake websites, they can use this information to try and access their YouTube accounts. In addition, it is possible that malware is installed on the manager's device but they do not know," the expert shared.

In addition, the expert also warned other popular YouTube channels in Vietnam to be careful and strengthen multi-layered security because they may be the next target of hackers. According to them, with the current popularity of Mixi, there will be support teams that will take this channel back.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 5

In the afternoon of the same day, ViruSs uploaded a video on TikTok to comment as well as explain the loss of his colleague's channel. Accordingly, the male streamer said that losing control of the Youtube channel is very likely.

He added that the majority of channel hijackings are due to issues called stream keys, or codes inserted into live streaming software. This code should be changed regularly to enhance security.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 6

However, many streamers when working are lazy and often do not change this part of the code. Therefore, when hackers with code detection software find the stream key, the channel will easily lose control. In the case of Mixi, ViruSs does not give a specific cause.

The streamer also warned his audience not to follow the videos and information that the hijacking channel is posting. "To put it bluntly, this is a fraudulent channel. People absolutely do not watch and follow the steps on it," ViruSs shared on the TikTok video.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 7

Talking more about Mixi's ability to get back the channel, ViruSs said that this is a big channel and surely Google will assist his friend in getting the channel back in just under 24 hours.

The only concern is that the newly regained channel will lose recommendations and interactions will be more difficult. ViruSs's TikTok video has garnered nearly 13K likes, 222 comments, and 87 shares after more than two hours of posting.

Mixi like sitting on a fire because of channel hacking, ViruSs makes a move to attract attention - Photo 8

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