Xu Mixi sings "Turn on Love" with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name

Phi YếnApr 02, 2024 at 07:41

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The online community has just been delighted to enjoy the duet of Do Mixi and Hoa Minzy. Joining her close brother, the "mother of one" showed a bewildered expression.
"Turn on Love" was a love song that was loved by many audiences right after its release on Valentine's Day last year. The song conquers listeners by its trendy, youthful melody and sweet lyrics, especially the harmonious vocal harmony between Hoa Minzy and Tang Duy Tan.

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 1

Recently, Hoa Minzy suddenly appeared in the streamer's livestream. Here, the singer treated the audience to many familiar hits, including "Turn on Love." However, this performance became extremely "unstable" when the duet with her was not Tang Duy Tan but Mr. Do.

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 2

Those who have followed Mixi long enough surely know that the male streamer possesses a "terrible" voice. He has many times made the audience "cry" with covers that challenged listeners' ears such as "I Haven't Loved You So Much", "Train Me Through the Mountains", "One Step in Love, Ten Thousand Miles of Pain" or "When Your Beloved Cries" ... And of course, "Turn on Love" is no exception.

Not to disappoint fans, Mixi still maintained her singing style, blinking and out of rhythm as the lyrics of "235 You're Dropping a Beat". Hearing the male streamer sing, the audience wondered why Hoa Minzy was so brave? Many also joked that while the singer leisurely and happily "turned on love", it seemed that her brother was trying his best to "turn off the circuit breaker".

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 3

Singing is not very good but is somewhat confident, Do Mixi also "loved" to share the duet with Hoa Minzy on her personal page. At this point, maybe Tang Duy Tan is just a name! "Turn on Love" is also a music product that contributes to helping Bac Ninh country singers have a memorable 2023 artistic activities.

Do Mixi, along with Xemesis, ViruSs, PewPew are famous names in the Four Emperors streamer Vietnam. While Mixi rose to prominence with sentimental broadcasts, Xemesis was a business and a love story with h.ot g.irl Mango Non, PewPew stood out with explosive sales livestreams, ViruSs seemed to be most interested whenever there was drama.

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 4

On each such occasion, people focus their attention on Patriarch Cao Bang, "eager" to see how he moves when his best friend meets "turn". However, almost the male streamer did not waver in the slightest, instead always maintaining his attitude.

It is known that ViruSs is a close friend in the "Four Streamer Emperors", and Jack also met and played football together in a charity fundraising match, so the audience expects Xu Mixi's fair word about the recent scandal. Here, he expressed his displeasure when the audience kept "shouting names" and repeatedly voiced himself as neither involved nor wanting to mention this story online:

"Personally, I've never been involved in social media stories. Don't drag that story in here and ask me this and that. I don't know, if there was an argument or a f.ight, the two were ignored."

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 5

Previously, in 2021, following the development of things from the beginning of ViruSs and Binh Gold's verbal battle, Xu Mixi used to muddy to share her thoughts with incredible optimism. Specifically, he said: "In the time when the Covid-19 epidemic is returning to the way it is, maybe the two are free, do not know what to do, so they collide a little. Personally, I see this as a good sign, we have something to see, to read.

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 6

In the long run, we'll see if both of these guys have any "diss" songs. Binh is probably doing rap music, and you will probably respond with some unusual nervous songs like "Crazy" or something like that... It's worth it, guys." And yet, the Patriarch also suspected, this could be some kind of media ploy.

Xu Mixi sings Turn on Love with Hoa Minzy, Tang Duy Tan is just a name - Photo 7

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